01 May 2006

Day Without an Immigrant, Ventura County style

How is the May 1 Day Without an Immigrant going where you are?

All the stores are closed on La Avenida except for one liquor store. All of them. Grocery stores, tire stores, bakeries, restaurants. The cafeteria at work was just serving grill food, no hot prepared food.

There was only about 60 percent of the usual traffic on the way home, too. This led me to think: I don't know if I would like less immigrants. But I sure as hell would love fewer people.

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Anonymous said...

As a Native Californian (although I grew up in Kentucky and will return), I can't agree with you more on the "less people" argument.

I love the folks who say, "when I came here in 1988, things were different. I think it is all these new people moving in." Well, no shit, Sherlock. You're one of them. Buhbye.

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