02 May 2006

How low can you go?

Check out this hatchet job that American Baby Magazine did on Mrs. Kennedy's fairly straightforward and sweet baby labor story.

What a horror. First they give her baby story a tabloid title, then they accompany it with a picture of a toilet. What a nightmare. Is it any wonder that writers don't trust editors?


wordgirl said...

...or trust the media. I mean...I don't buy the whole Liberal Media crap being as I'm a Liberal and I've worked for the media, but I've been misquoted and when I wrote for the newspaper I always taped everything so I could get every word nailed down. There's no excuse for an editor using the word "hissed" when that implies an attitude that Mrs. Kennedy did not intend.

Totally a screw-job.

tracey clark said...

One time I sent a comment to the editors at Oprah and when they published it, they BUTCHERED my note and even left a few words out so it honestly, made no sense.
My tiny moment in the Oprah glow, shot to s**t.

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