15 June 2006

Aw f***ing Sh*t!

In honor of the new FCC anti-obscenity rules, my title is a bit modified from how I actually feel.

So. I live on the south end of our county. Mr. Stapler lives on the north. I work a little more than halfway to Mr. Stapler's. Every morning I drive 20 miles to work and every afternoon I take twice as long to drive home, because of stupid idiots in traffic.

Today 20 miles took 45 minutes. The problem? A CHP giving a ticket was good enough for a 5 mile backup. A tow-truck loading a car stopped me for about another 2 miles. WTF is up with these looky-loos? Arrrrrrrg.

At least one moron gave me a great laugh though. Since we were basically moving at 1 mph, I let about 4 car lengths get between me and the car in front of me, so I could just roll instead of stopping-and-going.

The lady in the white BMW behind me (always a BMW, why? Do you have to show your as*hole card to buy one?) took offense to my driving style and first HONKED long and loud at me. Then when that didn't do the trick, she zoomed into the median and around me...only to have gained 10 whole feet and still be stuck in f***ing traffic, only now right in front of me instead of right behind me.

I gave her a big round of applause and a fake laugh. Then I followed her at 1 mph for 6 more miles.

When I got home I was burnt to a nubbin. There is cr*p going down at work that I shall not speak of, but it is wearing on me.

Mr. Stapler called. He is in Cincinnati on business (no, whaddya think, on vacation, Suebob, nobody goes to Cincinnati on vacation), left yesterday, comes back tomorrow night.

"Did you look in on the dog?" he asked.

"Nope," I said. "I will see her tomorrow."

"Honey," he said. "You promised you would do it. I didn't get the dogsitter to come this time."

Huh?? He didn't ask, "Will you come over instead of the dogsitter?" He asked me to look in on her. The last time he was gone for a week, I went over for lunch twice, and I figured this duty would be in line with that.

I did the only logical thing. I burst into sobs.

Just the thought of driving another 80 miles tonight, when I am already tired, when my back hurts like hell from sitting too much, when I have driven that stupid drive just an hour ago, when I'm so sick of worrying about this funny smell my car is making...I just lost it. Loooooooost it.

He was very pissed at my reaction. He is calling the dogsitter to see if she can go by and somehow put some food and water outside, since she doesn't have a key.

If she can't, I guess I am doomed to my little dose of martyrdom tonight. I am just so on the verge of cracking up I can't tell you. The awful part is that I didn't think my head was such a mess until this happened, then I realized that I must be a horrible mess if I can't handle this without freaking out. THAT's the bad part.

Of course we had a sh*tty fight on the phone where he told me I needed to apologize and I told him to get off my back, so the wholeVegas trip this weekend is in some doubt. He got a friend to drive way out of his way to come deal with the dog. I took my dog for a beach walk and had a lovely time. And I think I need some help to deal with this f***ing peri-menopausal mood swing shit. Oops I said "shit."

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super des said...

I don't miss traffic at all... used to take an hour to go 30 miles. puke.

as for the dog, it's nice that he just "assumes" you'll be there. we all know what happens when one assumes things...

gandhi rules said...

Very irritated with Mr presumptuous Stapler. It's Friday, most hotels have 24 hour cancelation policy, maybe you ought to consider it. It sounds as if you may need more dog and beach time. I know I do.

Chantal said...

I missed the part where he told you he had no dogsitter and could you please do it that night. Ahead of time.

And then HE apologized to YOU.

I would have burst into tears too.

SUEB0B said...

Yeah, I wonder what the hell he was thinking. I really feel like he did not make it clear at all which is screwed for his little dog.

As far as Vegas goes - I did not want to go anyway, so if we don't go - and I assume we won't - it's really very fine with me.

lildb said...

Wow. What a bullshit fight. I'm so sorry that you had to endure that. Why do our partners make choices that are based around our participation, forget to tell us about said participation requirements (or, in your case, waaay undersell the gig), then get upset when we aren't dancing in attendance? argh.

I am on your side, here. It's totally uncool that he didn't explain exactly what was required for his dog, and instead to just make assumptions about your time/desire to assist. Lame.

As to the work thing? I hope it resolves itself, muy rapidamente.

Janet Evening said...

There must be some kind of way out of here...

Mrs. Chicky said...

Damn him. Damn him all to Cincinnati. It was nice of him to include you in his dog-sitting plans.

Did you catch the sarcasm there? 'Cause it was dripping with it.

Mommy off the Record said...

Oh, Suebob. I am sorry you had the fight. Especially over something like a dog. I'm sure you don't need extra stress like that, especially after a sh**ty day at work AND traffic maddness.

I hope he wakes up tomorrow and realizes he was being an ass and apologizes. Hang in there.

Izzy said...

If he wants you to dogsit at a moments notice, perhaps he should move closer to you.

When did HIS dog become YOUR responsibility anyway?

Are you sensing my irritation?

Shannon said...

girl...you are so centerd and complete...I am sorry you had a shite day...and a crappier ending to it. I am sure your "mini-meltdown" was a needed cleansing of your system...but my thoughts on "Mr. staple-Head" are in line with the others here...and completely behind you! Have a good weekend, wherever you are!

Kentucky Girl said...

Ugh. I don't miss traffic at all since I've been unemployed. I can't say that I want to re-start either. Hopefully when I return to work, I can find something closer to home.

BTW, I've tagged you for a meme. :)

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