24 June 2006

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday's post was too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel (except, according to some writing advice sites, "shooting fish in a barrel" is a cliche, and I am not supposed to use it if I want to be a good writer. What? I LOVE cliches. If I don't use overworked words and phrases, what am I left with? Do you want me to make new stuff up all the time? Yeesh, that is like actual work or something. No thank you. I didn't start sitting in front of the computer because of my high energy level.)

ANYWAY, what I started to say was that being pissed off is almost to easy. There is so much material to work with. Gratitude is harder because it is more subtle and quiet. But in spite of my terrible and cynical nature, I manage to be grateful every once in a while. So to make up for yesterday, here are 10 things I am grateful for:

1. My mom and dad and all my siblings are still alive and I'm almost 45. How lucky and rare is that? I see my parents every day and I do remember to give thanks for that each time.

2. I live in a place I love. I've got the beach, great weather, nice people, and big fat $4 chile relleno burritos within walking distance. It may not be heaven, but it might be as close as I will ever get.

3. Finishing my college education at 43. I was given a great opportunity halfway through my life and I took it, despite having to get up every morning and face 19 year old girls with no wrinkles and perfect thighs.

4. My blogfriends, who regularly make me spit coffee on my keyboard because they are so funny.

5. Summertime. And summertime fruits. Good white peaches can make me weep.

6. Dear, dear Goldie dog. She is almost 11 and I give thanks for every day with her. She enjoys herself every day as only a dog can:

7. My A Course In Miracles class. I love those people and spending 90 minutes with them every week does a lot for my sanity. It is a miracle indeed.

8. My laundry room. I did laundry at the washateria for over 20 years so I give thanks with every little load I do. No more hoarding quarters, no more freaks who decide to smoke while I am folding my clean laundry.

9. Freelance work that is fun to do. Interview interesting people, find out about their passions, and write about them. Did I mention that I get PAID for that? What a scam.

10. The public library. You walk in, pick out books, and they let you take them. Free. What kind of crazy deal is that?

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gandhi rules said...

This is a great post Bob. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa said...

I really enjoyed your list. Very uplifting!

super des said...

those are good. I might have to copy you again.

Elizabeth said...

It is so nice to read lists of things to be grateful for. I may have to borrow this for a blog post one of these days.

#5- A perfectly ripe nectarine is absolute heaven on earth to me.

cameo said...

i love libraries too. it's like shopping without the painful ending (unless you have late fees. but even then, hey...)

and i too have an 11 year old dog who treats every day with vitality! he's like a puppy - but potty trained!

good things to be happy about!

and i thought of you today when i left the bathroom after dinner - yup, you got it, i'm one of those who use a paper towel to open the door! oops! ;}

Suzanne said...

This was very nice to read and mull over. You are so interesting! I must meet you at BlogHer!

I'm so with Elizabeth - a great nectarine is indeed heaven!

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