09 November 2006


I got caught by my boss today doing the happy dance in the aisles of the cubicles at work.

I had just heard that the Dems had taken the Senate and could not contain myself.

"Oh, so you're a DEMOCRAT?" she asked, not at all approvingly.

"Um, no, a Green, actually," I answered, like an idiot.

Uh oh.


Lisa said...

How funny. Did you totally confuse her with the Green thing?

People here in Mo don't even know what that is! (Ok I'd say like 95 percent of the pop wouldn't know.)

super des said...

You could have said Peace & Freedom, which I sisn't know existed until I got my Humboldt County ballot.

guinness girl said...

HA! That's hilarious. :)

belledame222 said...

Ha! Excellent.

should've told her you were a socialist, and this is just the first step on the way to taking over the WORLD, PINKY!!!

tremble for your job, evil boss-lady! -tremble- i say!

Eden said...

Best answer: "I'm a Communist."

jes said...

Okay, this is where I sound all pathetic and uneducated-like: What's a Green?

Suzanne said...

Hmmm, is your boss mentally incapacitated? why wouldn't one be a Democrat?

Yez said...

"Green" was the perfect answer! {{makes mental note to use that line}}

Holly Capote said...

Jes, a green is an eco-ultra-liberal.

Here's what I don't get about being a Righty. It is well-documented that the higher one's education, the more likely they'll lean to the Left. Simply put, uneducated folks are likely to vote for Republicans. So, who'd want to side with the ignorami?

Thailand Gal said...

Very good question, Holly! LOL

Suebob, wouldn't it be wonderful to see the managers in those cube-farms tremble in fear just a little bit?


Thailand Gal

Holly Capote said...

Thanks, Thailand Girl! And it's such an obvious question, if one visits political websites, where the Righties write without wit, grammar, or even a sense of irony, as in being the pro-life, pro-baby Jesus faction who substitutes cruise missiles for cheek-turning.

TB said...

We were without TV, internet and radio in Belize and didn't get the results until late Sunday night when we got back. I literally did a happy dance in the airport.

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