07 February 2007

ROFL again

Today is the big day to announce January's ROFL Awards, sponsored by Cristina of Mommy Off the Record and Izzy of IzzyMom.

My award goes to this post about making up Viagra slogans by Andrea of Little Bald Doctors. My favorite: "Can You See Me Now?"

I already linked to it from Linkateria, but when the awards came around, I knew it needed one.

I also laughed my butt off at some of Ree's posts about a gala dinner on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, but I awarded her last month and didn't want to seem like too much of a sychophant psycho blog stalker.


Amanda said...

Thanks for turning me onto Ree last time. I have a serious blog crush on her now.

mamatulip said...

Good choice! That was a hilarious post.

Andrea said...

Thank you for this. Really. You totally made my week. My whole month.

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