12 March 2007

I blog because I care

Or maybe I blog because you care.

There's a whole lot of crazy going on out there AND IT IS OKAY. I love that we have this space to talk about it. Snot, piss, poop, sex, Paxil, effexor, kids behaving badly, judgment, weird co-workers, in-laws, manic-depressiveness...it all spills out and 99 percent of people say 'You're okay anyway." That other one percent can go screw themselves.

I think it is hysterical how many people don't "get" blogging. Do you have a story about someone not getting it? I'd love to hear it. This is my favorite from Red Stapler's archives.

New confession up at True Employee Confessions. You are welcome to submit yours: snackishblogATyahoo


QT said...

I agree and I loved the archive. Unfortunately, most of the people I know in real life don't even know how to turn a computer on so I don't discuss blogging with them.

Blogging is definitely the only way I feel any sense of normalcy in my day to day life

Karianna said...

I have to blog. I have to read blogs. Otherwise I am just trapped in a house all day with no social stimulation!

Anonymous said...

Now that I read blogs all of the time and can't imagine life without knowing some really fabulous people-- I find myself more and more amazed by people who don't read them. It's their loss.

LittlePea said...

Heehee! I remember that. Funny you should direct us there because I had my yearly today;o> Not fun. At least I didn't have to wait.

I had someone say to me about my bloging,"You know, once you have kids, you're not going to want to do that anymore." Which was a dumb thing to say considering all the great mommy-bloggers out there. Blogs are a great way to share stories that make us feel normal...

Alex Elliot said...

I just got into a huge fight at my family reunion (which consisted of 12 people, but still) two weeks ago about blogging. We were all talking about what did for fun and I mentioned that I have a blog. Just like your ob, my uncle had no idea what a blog is. I explained it and he made several sexists comments about how blogs sound like they're for women who have too much time on their hands and that blogs were exactly the reason why women shouldn't be on the internet. Oh and of course that the internet is a dangerous place. This got his sister upset, I was already seething by that point, so a whole big fight ensued because I mentioned I had a blog. At the end my uncle did apologize to me.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you list piss, poop, and sex in proximity, for they are in proximity on our persons and that's one reason why sex will always be a bit comical. It's like building a mansion on a steaming pile of dung.

Or, as one wag once said, "Woman is a temple built on a sewer."

Lynnea said...

Holly you're a crack up!

Suebob, I know I recently mentioned poo on my site and here I recently thought I wouldn't go there, but there I went. And yet, like you say, I had such a great time finding out I'm perfectly normal. So yeah I get blogging.

I tried explaining blogging to the MIL but as she seemed to glaze over in the eyes I gave up figuring it was best or she might ask if I had one and how to see it...wouldn't that be a disaster?

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