29 April 2007

Please visit

If you come and visit, I promise I will take you to coffee in the cafe at the back of this beautiful courtyard, my favorite place in town. If we are feeling really wild and crazy, we can get a fruit and cheese tray, too. Sitting there, you are protected from the wind but still get the sun, and red flowering trumpet vines climb the walls. It feels like being on vacation, even though it is just about a mile from my house.

So do consider stopping by. It is freeway close, as we like to say.

Last night Alicia and I went to see some comedy down by the harbor. Two locas out on the town. We got wildly drunk on too many gin and tonics (me) and glasses of wine (her). Too many gin and tonics for me was two, too much wine for her was a glass and a half. Man, we are some kind of party animals. We should be kicking it with Paris and Lindsay (do people say "kicking it" anymore? Not since 1993? I thought so).

But listen up fellas - here is the good part - we are extremely cheap dates. For twenty bucks we are loopy and looking for fun. You can call us - I wrote our phone numbers in the bathroom.

While we were waiting for dinner outside the crazy Greek place (with the dancing and the OPA-ing and the flaming cheese), I took this wild photo. Wild because I did not expect it to turn out anything like this. The snowstorm of dots must be fog droplets.

The harbor actually looked more like this (except less blurry). It was quite beautiful in the mist. The "night" setting on my sweet little Canon PowerShot A630 helped capture it. Stuff like this is why I pay more rent than the entire population of Fargo, ND combined.


Have you ever made a decision and then gotten the exact advice you needed to hear after it was too late to do anything about it?

Tell me your tales.


VenturaMom from said...

El Jardin...Zoey's is only my FAVORITE PLACE IN ALL THE LAND!!!!! And I get my hair cut across the patio at Matiz (love the owners) & can't get enough of the chic baby/kid's store (and that terrific owner). It is jam-packed with terrificness.

As for the advice, I never ask for any. I just worry about the issue until I am close to insane, then take action and never look back. Chin up, pip pip and all that.

SUEB0B said...

Well, heck, VM - let's go sometime!!!

And are you going to the LA Blog party on June2?

mar said...

hey now! i used to live across the river from fargo and we paid all of $800/month for a 3 bedroom house.

Anonymous said...

I tend to act on instinct so I frequently make those decisions before everyone gives me advice that I should have done the opposite...uh, oops?

I did not realize you were so close by...well sorta close ;)

LittlePea said...

Love the pictures. And Goldie! Keep us updated about her poor eyes.

Advice--yes. I got the best advice from my grandma about how and why I should dump the loser boyfriend I ad in highschool that I, of course, ignored. When I read her letters now, I think to myself, dammit why didn't I listen to her she was so right! I could've avoided so much drama and stupidity in what was suppossed to be the best time of my life.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of orbs? They're little dots like those in the night photo you took that are actually evidence of paranormal activity. I didn't think fog. I thought orbs. I've even seen pictures (real photos in my hand, not graphically enhanced digital photos) of rooms in supposedly haunted places that are full of orbs like this.

Regardless of the nature of the dots, it's a really pretty picture. I like the hint of a carpet of flowers and the endless night behind it. Beautiful.

And you're really making me nostalgic for CA.

SUEB0B said...

Mar - exactly. A 3 BR house around here runs $2500 a month. Yeeps.

Hilly - yes, I think a meetup in the Valley may be in order. Or whatever is halfway for you.

Andrea - why yes, after seeing the photo Alicia and I spent all of dinner telling our best ghost stories. She won.

Anonymous said...

So tell us your best ghost stories. I love me some ghost stories, though I only have one good one to share.

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