28 April 2007

A Day with Miss Goldie

I had been intending to go the the LA Times Festival of Books with my friend Alicia today, but Miss Goldie's eye was irritated and she needed to make a trip to the vet (open on Saturday. Woo hoo!).

Here is a photo of her eye. Right at the top on the lid there is a little triangle of white - a cyst that is hanging down. The vet gave me some meds and says to watch it and it might go away. If not, surgery. She actually has one on both eyes. Poor girl.

It doesn't seem to bother her, though. She goes about her normal activities. Here she is on our walk, doing her favorite thing: digging.

First she surveys the area (choke collar. I KNOW. She can slip out of any other kind of collar or Halti and she is not going to stand still for a harness. We have tried.)

Then she goes to work.

She checks out the finished product: total destruction. Happiness.


super des said...

Dogs are fun. I hope the medicine helps.

ecogrrl said...

My dog, Leo, used to get those when he was older. He had severe reactions to any type of anesthesia, so we couldn't remove them -- the vet basically said that they aren't painful, and the worst that can happen is they might get a little gross looking before they burst. That's exactly what happened: Leo's grew larger, looked nasty, never annoyed him, and then disappeared overnight. Repeat a few times...but at least the dogs don't seem to mind.

Da Nator said...

What a cutie! Have you thought about renting her out as a Ditch Witch?

VenturaMom said...

Can Goldie help when we tear out the crab/Bermuda grass in the back yard?

Anonymous said...

She's so pretty! And what a big girl! :D

Have you looked into training her for the Earth Dog Trials? She looks like she'd be a natural!

Argh! Why does Blogger hate me? I can't add my name to my post, thus I am anonymous...so you don't think that I am some crazy person, this is Kentucky Girl. heh.

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