22 May 2007

Tour du neighborhood

In my neighborhood, people aren't afraid of a little color on their houses.

Or on their businesses. We like SMALL businesses here.

We have fine restaurants (order right there on the sidewalk. They were closed or otherwise there would have been a line).

And fancy modern conveniences.

You can get beautiful fashions for your kids.

We have entertainment! This is 2 blocks from my house. I haven't been in, but the drunk guys who stagger out covered in glitter say it is fun.

No trip through the neighborhood would be complete without a stop at the Hell's Angels motorcycle club. They are actually pretty quiet (for a biker gang. Oh, right, it's not a gang. It's a CLUB!)

That's my neighborhood. Stop by sometime and say hi.


super des said...

my best friend's parents have a dark blue house with white trim. Their neighbors hate them, but it looks awesome.

QT said...

When I finally tear down this old white farmhouse, I want a red house. Red, I tell you!

viciousrumours said...

You have a neighborhood that is a writer's wet dream. I could get so many story starters out of that, I can't tell ya! Hell's Angels? Are you kidding me? I live in a trailer park...red necks to the left of me, red necks to the right of me.

meno said...

I miss California!

MsLittlePea said...

I was salivating at the sight of the sign that says Mexican food.

Maya said...

I love that neighborhood! Do you ever go to It's in The Sauce? We come all the way down from SB to eat there sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love how colorful it is, in every sense of the word! You know how it is down here...beige, beige and hey...how about some beige?

TB said...

I love colorful (both in hue and in character) old neighborhoods like this.

Day Dreamer said...

That reminds me of one of the places I grew up! My momma is still there!

Alex Elliot said...

A friend of mine lives right by a bright purple house. Originally I thought it looked awful, but over time it's grown on me. It has crossed my mind once or twice that it must be nice to be able to have a distinguished house. Instead of saying "it's the 4th house on the right" I could say "it's the bright purple one" and no one would be able to miss it.

Suzanne said...

I love it. I so want to come visit you.

Suebob said...

QT - I have lived in a red house AND a pink house. Just lucky, I guess.

MsLittlePea - that isn't even the best Mexican food on the block, either!

Hilly - but down there, there are colorful tracksuits to make up for it.

Maya - I'm a vegetarian, so no, but my friend LOVES that place. He wears an "It's in the Sauce" t-shirt all the time.

Suzanne - please do!

claire said...

what a great post, i love this!
looks like you live in a fun town. :)

Anonymous said...

I know that California is a HUGE state... but how far are you from Costa Mesa?
I have a great friend that lives there and I really want to visit her sometime in the next couple of years. (When I am not broke that is!!)

Maya said...

SueBob - You've GOT to go to It's in the Sauce, if only to get their homemade mini peach/pecan pies. So good. So good. Also the bbq sauce would be delicious on grilled mushrooms or tofu.

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