20 May 2007

Iambic blogometer

The grief report, since all of y'all encouraged me to spill: I made it til 11 a.m. without crying, a major improvement.

Last night my sister's memorial service took place back in Illinois from 6-8 p.m. Just at sunset, a little Cheshire-cat-smile moon showed in the sky with venus shining brilliantly right next to it: a rarity. Haven't grieving people always looked to signs in the heavens for comfort? I suppose we do it because that is all we can think to do.


My sister's flickr set. I didn't even know she had added me as a contact, somehow, and today I miraculously found these few photos that say so much to me. I love the blurry one - it is just perfect.


The bad news is that my hair is in mourning, too. A slight misunderstanding about just how dark "Medium Brown" home hair dye is and a timing problem due to the effects of an engrossing novel have left me with a color of hair that would do Imelda Marcos proud. A nice, glossy almost-black.

Fortunately it is semi-permanent dye, though. Clairol claims the color lasts for 28 washes. Let's see...if I wash it 3 times today, and twice on weekdays...


I awoke last night with these words from my last post in my head:
A certain blogger - Vicious Rumours - went way out of her way for me. She took it upon herself to help me out and came through in a big way.
I thought "Damn, the rhythm of those sentences are all messed up. I should get up and rewrite them."

Do you do this? Write by rhythm? I don't know how it works, exactly, or what the rhythm IS, but it drives me nuts if it is wrong. I am more conscious of it in my paid writing than on my blogs, which are more conversational.

Tell me I'm not crazy. Does this make sense to you?


Maya said...

Just wanted to stop by and leave my (belated) apologies and condolences on your sisters' passing. I stop by here from time to time and always enjoy your entries.

VenturaMom said...
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VenturaMom said...

I totally get the rhythm thing, SB, and will rewrite some sentences a month after posting. Word nerds, unite! And as for the grief, I cried at Von's each time I went down the soup aisle for about a year. Tomato rice soup just reminds me of my mom.

PS - I did a rewrite just now. OMG! WORD NERD!

Izzy said...

I just wanted to tell you that I'm so sorry about Laura. I wish I was better at this and able to say something eloquent and meaningful but I'm not so please forgive my verbal clumsiness and accept my sympathies and condolences for you and your family. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

QT said...

Not crying when you first open your eyes in the morning is a huge step, so congratulations on that.

Hair dye - yes, I learned long ago to only mess around with the semi-permanent stuff. It will wash out, but more importantly, it is easy for the hairdresser to fix!

meno said...

What a nice thing to find, the flicker set. You should always wera a tiara.

Day Dreamer said...

Was nice to see the flicker images. I can relate to the blurry one at times! And the tub/tomato of love made me giggle.

I'm glad for your wake up. It takes a lot to keep going at first.

I once had GREEN hair. Yikes. That was a long story about a highlight gone wrong combined with chlorinated summer fun....

I don't have a rhythm. I think instead I can finally hear the fragments crying 'no more' and the keys begging for mercy!

Like now for example.

byjane said...

yes, absolutely i do the rhythm thing too. when i was a beat reporter, i'd drive my colleagues crazy. i'd ask for a word meaning something or other and when they'd give it to me, i'd say 'no, it has to have 3 syllables.'
i'm sure some one erudite could make an educated--and hopefully flattering--comment on why we do this. perhaps we're really poets.

liv said...

What a gift to find the photos. There's something about these hidden treasures that makes finding them all the more special. Peace to you, liv

mdog said...

i'm certain it's not the rhythm as much as it is the use of the word "way" fourteen times. maybe? way.

i haven't been keeping up on comments or anything, but i think grief blogging seems like a good thing? a very dear ["real life"] friend of mine spent a week doing basically just that. it was good and it was fascinating and it seemed extremely cathartic for both reader and author alike. at any rate, i'd hug you if i could. grieve well.

Laura said...

Suebob, love the flickr pics.

Maybe a framed picture of those love tomatoes would be a great way to have a little bit of her with you.

Karianna said...

Love the photos. So nice to find a present like that. Let the tears flow, it is healing. (And your shiny face will then match your nice glossy hair.)

Suzanne said...

The rhythm thing is not weird. It happens to me, too.

And you should never apologize for your grief.

mothergoosemouse said...

Yes, that does make sense. And it's why I try not to think too much about what I've already written (let alone go back and read it). But like you, if it were paid writing, I'd be pickier.

And I know that sort of moon too. I never saw much of the sky back east, but out here it is endless.

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