27 June 2007

Hope springs maternal

Do you know how old I am?

Almost 46. Ye gods. How did THAT happen?

Have I ever been married? No, I have not. I am quite heterosexual and have had an active love life, but what with one thing and another (here are my significant relationships in order: sociopath, drunk, commitment-phobe, way too much like me, wanted kids, workaholic, republican, perfect but moved away, drunk (same person as the first time, woo!) and goddamned if I know) I never made the walk down the aisle.

The other day my brother-in-law gave me a gold wedding band my sister had worn. It had belonged to my great-grandmother, who had huge hands. I put it on a chain around my neck.

I walked into my folks' house Friday morning.

"Susie got a ring!!!" Mom squealed, delighted.

I haven't seen her so excited in years. Never mind the fact that I haven't talked about a man or introduced them to a man - she had this crazy hope that, because I was suddenly wearing a big ass wedding band on a chain, that I was "promised."

Sorry mom. I am not shopping for white dresses this month, but I will keep you posted in the unlikely event that, 32 short years after I started dating, my Mystery Date will finally arrive.


Anonymous said...

The fact that your mom calls you Susie makes me inexplicably happy.
- Angel Apologist

super des said...

Aren't you supposed to wear your great grandmother's pin on your jacket before moving straight to the ring-chain?

Suzanne said...

Sounds like you are technically ineligible for a white dress, my dear. :)

Suzanne said...

Oh, that comment was from Suzanne from CUSS.

doahleigh said...

Promised? Do people get promised anymore? :)

mothergoosemouse said...

One of my aunts married for the first time when she was 56. Sometimes I'm not entirely sure that she's happier this way.

mar said...

one of my college roomies, our senior year, attended her 'spinster' aunt's wedding, the first for both bride & groom, at age 52. they were practically giddy, she told us.

QT said...

This sounds like the excited comment my mom makes whenever I am sick - "Maybe you are finally pregnant!"

Maybe I should get married first? Is that just really old-fashioned?

Dawn said...

Mystery Daaaaatttttteeee.

I now have the fucking song in my head.

ByJane said...

I once attended a wedding, the whole nine yards with white gown and veil, and the bride was in her 70s. You got a ways to go, kiddo.

SUEB0B said...

Suzanne - what are you implying?? That I am not pure? Bwaa haaa haaaa.

Suzanne said...

About as pure as I was when I got married in an opalescent dress. And that's how I like it.

Nancy said...

Sounds like your mom zeroed in on that ring like nobody's business. That cracks me up.

Day Dreamer said...

Better to be picky than to be stuck with MrWrong forever or even for a while.

I dated the brothers of the jerks you mentioned in your post! I finally married and I'm pretty certain it was to have the wedding!

It'll happen when it's right. I have friends from work getting married and they are in their 60's. Teenagers they are!

Laura said...

I think that is a very sentimental thing to have. Pretty cool for you.
My very happily single brother gets the same thing from my parents. They FREAK out when he tells any story that involves a woman's name they don't know.
~~Yes, Shirley and I were standing by the copier at work when all of the sudden a troop of rabid squirrels barged in broke my leg and stole my diet coke!~~
~~Is Shirley married??~~

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