06 June 2007

Me hav a problem

The problem with this blogging thing is that it is an endless black hole of time suck.

So many great bloggers, so little time. I am just at a comfortable level in my Bloglines feeds, then I go to an LA Bloggers party and find people like Kevin Charnas and Sweatpants Mom that I simply HAVE to read from now on.

Meanwhile, people already on my feed list keep rocking the house. These are just a few:

I am Bossy on condom usage. Made me snort several times, which is always a good sign.

Y at Joy Unexpected makes me cry about 3 times in one post. Stop it, Y.

I am following Mainely Madge's trial with more fervor and dedication than I ever felt for OJ or Michael Jackson's court proceedings.

And the shameless thief Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored is now trying to profit from her life of crime. For shame.


Day Dreamer said...

Argh! I'm so new to this...I've found so many great voices out there. Now I have a few more to check out! Yikes! :)

Anonymous said...

Love ALL of them. Deeply.

Unknown said...

bossy sometimes makes me shoot beer out my nose while hooting.

Major Bedhead said...

Welcome to my world. So many blogs, so little time. Or, rather, there is time, but it requires me staying up until WTF o'clock and that makes for one mean mama come the ass crack of dawn.

Julie Marsh said...

Bossy - she slays me.

And I am checking for Bloglines updates from Madge every few hours. I'm not kidding.

Becky Johnson said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one checking for a trial update many times daily!

I have become very invested in all these people I don't really know!

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