19 July 2007

Isn't it time enough?

Today the NY Times had an article on how many men who look at child pornography actually molest children. Is anyone surprised that the answer is "a lot"?

Look, I'm a raving liberal. I have a big old soft mushy heart and a belief that most people can change.

But on this subject, no. I do not believe child molesters can change. And even if some of them can, I don't want to take a chance on finding out which ones can and which ones can't, because the stakes are just too damn high.

Am I advocating locking them up and throwing away the key?

Yeah, I am. Debt to society, my big fat rear. When you molest a child, you do something that cannot be undone.

Ok, here is my liberal showing. I don't care if you punish them forever. They can do a jail term and then be released to a lovely camp. I don't care if it is like a Sandals resort for molesters, complete with a nice beach and the best computer-generated child porn that money can buy. But they need to be locked up forever because we can't take that chance.

And another thing: statute of limitations - why? Why do they get off free if a certain number of years have passed? This just gives monsters an incentive to molest younger children, those who are less likely to tell for longer. The statute of limitations on child molestation should be forever. Let them look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. Their victims do.


super des said...

hear hear!
I'd always heard that child molesters (and child killers) are treated less than kindly by their fellow inmates. I hope this is true, showing that even "regular" criminals still have some morals.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Child molesters do irreparable harm - period. They should be locked up - period.
Actually, and I'm NOT kidding, I think that rapists and child molesters should be castrated - physically for the worst offenders, and chemically for others (and, yep, this can be done quite easily - just like a Depo shot or implantable birth control).

QT said...

I'm with you. And I agree with Jessica - once you remove another human being's ability to enjoy sex for the rest of their lives, you should have to suffer for the rest of yours. Period.

I am also in the camp that many sex offenders cannot be rehabed. You would be surprised by the number of them that start prior to age 18 and their juvenile records are "sealed" so they can go on and rape another day. It is sick - something I learned as a reporter.

ByJane said...
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LittlePea said...

I am so in agreement with you! Preach it!!

meno said...

Studies show that you are right, people who molest children will do it again if they get the opportunity.

So yeah, lock them up, forever.

jeanie said...

I agree - or as long as their crime harms their victims or potential victims (which is exactly the same thing).

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