21 July 2007

Random Thoughts

1. If Subway bakes their own bread, why don't they make it taste good while they're at it? I can't figure out why anyone ever eats there.

2. I am willing to let people merge into traffic, or walk in front of my car as I am driving in parking lots. But I do expect the little wave. If you can't bother to give me the little wave, you may find me yelling "Where is my little wave, huh, beeyotch??"

3. I honestly believe that I have watched people answer their cell phones in almost every possible circumstance. These include:
- At the cashier at the grocery store (all the time. Losers.)
- At a symphony performance
- During a poetry reading (and it was the reader - no, I am not making this up.
- A boy texting over his girlfriend's shoulder as he held her in his arms in a public display of affection
- At a funeral. Yes, I watched it happen. Is there NO circumstance important enough to not take a call?

4. In a similar vein, today at our family reunion, my mother, my nephew's wife and I were sitting around chatting. I watched, stunned, as my nephew's wife got her iPod out, slowly untangled the cords, and inserted the ear buds. I guess she was telling us that the conversation was over. I know the first rule of etiquette is "Adults don't correct the behavior of other adults," but still, I was truly tempted.

5. My space bar is all cattywumpus. It only works about 60 percent of the time. I am going to try and de-gunkify my keyboard. Please bear with me in the mean time.

6. Still with the fireworks. Every single night someone shoots off just enough to make the dog hide under my chair. She is a BIG dog, too. I may have to find some more stuff to give away to keep from swearing about this sh*t.


meno said...

I am totally with you about Subway. The bread is utter crap.

I called an complained last week about an instrutor at my daughter's driver's ed class who answered his cell phone and proceeded to talk for five minutes on a personal call, while he was supposed to be teaching the class.

Anonymous said...

I second Meno's seconding of that bland and puffy Subway bread. The crust (I'm using this descriptor loosely.) is as soft as the heart of WonderBread. It might as well be prechewed food. I want bread that bites back, that snap, crackles, and pops between my incisors.

Change of subject: I too need that little wave when I let 'em pass.

Regarding cell phones, I'm with ya there too, Pumpkin. I loathe 'em and many of their users. I've walked beside someone announcing (When someone communicates at the volume most people employ when cell phoning, it's not talking: it's announcing.) where they were, block by block, as they walked. Unless the person on the other end just had their water broke and they're standing in a puddle, no one needs to know such minutiae and especially not the other people on the street, who already know exactly where that cell phone idiot is.

super des said...

If I heard you yell abut your little wave, I might think it was the last stage in your breakdown.

SUEB0B said...

Des - I think you are probably correct.

shannon said...

my cell phone is for my use, I do not like to inflict it on anyone around me so I keep my conversations private.

the other night around 11:00 someone set some fireworks off again. through the open window i screamed, "WOOOHOOO! IT'S THE 20TH!!!!). they stopped.

Anonymous said...

Sorry beforehand for what I am about to say, but I truly believe Subway makes their bread out of ass. We used to go to a video store that shared a venitlation system with Subway, and the stench of the "bread" baking was overwhelming. Nauseating. It climbed in my nostrils and beat the crap out of my sinuses. That's what I think of when I think of Subway bread. I wonder if I could bring my own baguette?

I see kids "hanging out together" with their earbuds in all the time. It's incomprehensible.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the Subway bread. It's strange how no matter was sandwich you get, it always tastes the same - bland.

My S-I-L sounds just like your nephew's wife. She likes to haul around her laptop, then when the "grown-ups" have their conversations, she's not bored.

Serena Woodward said...

I would have totally said something to the wife. I think that's why my family doesn't talk to me. I don't treat them any differently than I would treat strangers. Rude is rude. I think you're just a nicer person than I am.

QT said...

I would have called out the iPod user as well. And I agree with all previous comments about Subway. When forced to eat a sandwich from a chain, I go the Quiznos route.

I love it when I am in a bathroom stall and someone feels compelled to answer their cell phone while evacuating waste from their body. I guess that is multi-tasking for you.

Julie Marsh said...

Cattywumpus. Suebob, I love you. Thank you for being the only other person (besides me and my late grandfather) who use that term.

And ditto QT on the rest room cell call. WTF?

Suzanne said...

Dammit, I adore Subway! The bread and all.

Amy said...

No. 1 - I'm DYIN' here. Lady, you are funny.

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