23 October 2007


I blame my continuing semi-impoverished state on a number of factors. First is probably laziness, followed by a willingness to spend money on ephemeral, expensive stuff (helicopter flying lessons, anyone?).

But there is also another problem: I am a hopeless generalist. A dilettante.

All of the best entrepreneurs are somewhat obsessive. They get one idea and follow it through. I get one idea and follow it until the next good idea...about 5 minutes later.

For instance, here are some of the things in the news that have been fascinating me lately:
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Giant Falling Iceballs
Sonar-related whale deaths

I guess I have concern for the ocean. And other stuff. But this is just part of the list of the things I wonder about every day. Maybe I will never be super rich. But I will always have something to think about.

What are YOU obsessing about? You know, news stories and articles that you can't stop yourself from clicking on?


wordgirl said...

The question isn't what I'm obsessing about. It's what I'm NOT obsessing about. Right now? College tuition. Career choices for me. The list is endless.

GraceD said...

Oh, dude, you don't even know the half of it.

My list:

The House of Windsor

Japanese capsule hotels

anything Mormon

tree houses

ear cleaning

Kathy Bates character 'Bettina' on Six Feet Under

Constant pondering as to why Bed Bath & Beyond has so much drama in the name. I'm certain a gay guy put the "Beyond" in there.

I know. I'm a very troubled woman.

Average Jane said...

My mind flits around from one subject to the next so rapidly that I'm incapable of compiling a list. Let me just say that I completely understand.

SUEB0B said...

graced - at work we have a funny chart showing where everyone's mood is. We made icons for ourselves and put them next to our moods, which range from "Ecstatic" at the top, "Ok , but don't bug me" in the middle and "The beyond section of Bed, Bath and Beyond" at the very bottom.

Kizz said...

You're gonna hate me for this but: The World Series/The Red Sox.

GraceD said...

Yeah, I'm definitely Bed, Bath & Beyond this morning.

Your chart reminds me of a dartboard in a research lab where I was a research monkey (not the test animal, but a slave to the principal investigator. But, I may as well have been the simian on drugs/with the experimental implant/undergoing bizarre psychological testing, the job was that bad.). The dartboard was a pie graph cut in two wedges - the slice that comprised 99.9% of the circle was marked "GO", the 0.1% portion was marked "STAY". Needless to say, the dartboard reflected the general angst in the lab and the dart always landed on the obvious solution to dealing with this shitty work environment.

Of course, no one ever tried to hit the "STAY" wedge/target. Even the wily Scot doing post-doc work. And he was a Glasgow trained dart-ist.

PunditMom said...

My obsession? Is it a good thing for my writing career to be blogging so much? How much should I jettison to get focused on the book I want to write?

Suzanne said...

My list:
- the continued popularness of snatch waxing

- how the Bush administration has completely fucked the US for the entire foreseeable future

- why are Democrats so damn lameass

- will I get into an MFA program?

- is anyone going to buy my book and how the hell am I supposed to sell it when I hate selling things and am a horrific salesperson?

- neurotic fear that Husband will not return from his business trip (this happens every time he travels)

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