31 October 2007

Princess Dog


"Goldie ate a whole can of food today," Mom told me this afternoon.
"Great," I said, because Goldie is as picky as a fussy toddler when it comes to food.
"I discovered something," said Mom.
"She likes to eat out of your hand," Mom said.
Nasty, gooey, stank-ass dog food, out of the palm of her hand.
"Moooooooom! I am SO not doing that," I said. "And I wish you wouldn't, either."
"I am NOT spoiling her," Mom said.
Dad and I looked at each other and snorted.
"I'm NOT!" she said, petulantly.
Look. Snort.
"She just has that long nose and she doesn't like to get it down in her food," said Mom.
"I'm not doing it, Mom," I said. "She's a DOG!"
Mom clamped her lips shut.

Yes, people. I have a dog that rivals any of Paris Hilton's purse dogs on the spoiled scale, but she weighs 65 lbs instead of 3. Next stop: sweater vests. Big ones.


Day Dreamer said...

Love that she's spoiling her granddog, tho! Very cute! Good luck with the next feeding! LMAO!

lizgwiz said...

My mother has always insisted that all her dogs eat nicely off a fork. Not for their main feeding, though...just when being doled out bits of leftovers.

She recently criticized me for not taking my dog for enough rides. "Just take him to the QuikTrip to get coffee." "I don't drink coffee." "Well, he LOVED it when I took him."

Grandmothers and their granddogs. Hee.

Kizz said...

Oh yeah, it's a thing with the grandmothers of dogs. My mother has been known, at parties, to spread a cracker with pate or brie, garnish it and then feed it to my dog. My great aunt likes to make a hot dog when we're visiting for a meal, cut it up into pieces and dole it out to the dog slowly while we sit to dinner so the dog stays at the table with us all through the meal.

The worst part about it is that I'll probably grow up to be just like them.

Blog Antagonist said...

Oh that's funny. I laughed at your Dad's comment. My Husbans says the same thing about our cats. "Goddamn felines." He spoils them more than I do.

Grace said...

I am officially in love with your parents. I wish mine took to canine grandparenthood so readily.

Alex Elliot said...

That's funny! My parents' cat is on prescription extra calorie cat food. Why can't I have a metabolism like that?

Mocha said...

I'm so grossed out that I require a picture of this feat being performed either by you or your mom. I'd settle for your mom.

Sooooo disgusting. Photograph it please.

MsLittlePea said...

My dog likes to eat that way too. Luckily he eats dry food....

Moose in the Kitchen said...

Maybe you could get a dog dish shaped like a human hand? Or maybe that's even worse on Dog Spoiling Scale.

Sleeping Mommy said...

I have to agree with Mocha. I'd like to see a photo of this. Why? Because.

Yes, it is an answer. Ask my children.

Kathryn said...

You think that's bad, if my dog decides he doesn't like the food that day, I have to pretend like it's a treat and make him "speak" for it (luckily it's kibble).He also refuses to eat his food if the bowl is on the floor. He likes to eat on the couch. If I don't do it, he goes days without eating. I know, I have tried it! Yes, he's a 6 pound Chihuahua!

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