28 October 2007

Recovery Period

Late last night, I wrote a lovely, thoughtful and link-filled post that Blogger ate.

It was about the fabulous Halloween party that Kevin Charnas and Will threw.

By "fabulous" I don't mean that we had a lot of fun standing around a driveway and drinking beers while eating cheetos.

I mean Walt Disney fabulous. I mean creepy haunted 3-D technicolor fun fabulous. Just as a frinstance - Will MADE a life-sized funeral carriage, complete with haunted casket and skeletal driver.

Other pieces of fabulousness include seeing Kelly of West Coast Grrlie Blather who already feels like an old friend, and my favorite creative couple, LeahPeah and Joe.

The only not-fabulous thing was that I was so eager to get to the party that I forgot my camera. When photos start appearing on flickr, I will link up.


My first duty this morning was to fry up a batch of chapulines for our Day of the Dead celebration at church. Believe me, nothing caps an evening of costumed drinking and dancing better than frying up a mess of grasshoppers at sunrise.

People at church were pretty brave. We had some real fans of the little hoppers because they were from Mexico, where they had eaten them all the time. Like they say, it's all what you grow up with. I finally broke down and tried one, abandoning my tried and true "But I'm a vegetarian" objection.

How do they taste? Like chile-lime potato chips, but with tiny legs. Hee hee.

One woman complained because I had prepared them with chiles and she can't eat spicy food. That is a complaint I truly never anticipated hearing - my grasshoppers were not to someone's liking. Ah well. Can't please everyone.

I FINALLY posted something new over at my food blog, Snackish. It is slightly more appealing than chapulines: Swiss chard and tomato casserole.


super des said...

I'm sure your grasshoppers were very good. I of course would have stuck with the vegetarian excuse.

Whit said...

I can't believe I missed it. Sounds great.

Lisa said...

That party sounds like it was a total blast! How freaking COOL!

(For the record, I would have eaten the grasshoppers! Like you said, its all what you grow up on. I had a mom who was a horrible cook. We HAD to eat what she'd make. Who knew that would serve me so well as a grown up? heehee)

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Suddenly, I'm thinking that your Halloween get-up was more than just pree-tend. I mean, last night you were wearing a "W in '04" t-shirt, and this morning you were frying grasshoppers. I think there's a continuum here.

It was lovely to see you, and to meet and chat with CC (sp?). I hope our paths cross again soon.

Suzanne said...

I am so impressed. I'd try them, even with chiles. (I can't really eat spicy food, either, although I am slowly training myself.)

And where on earth did you get a "W in '04" shirt? That is truly chilling.

L.A. Daddy said...

Good seeing you again!

I've got some flickr pics up here:



wayabetty said...

Um...yummy!! I'm sure they tasted like chicken!!

Kevin Charnas said...

Will and I think that is REALLY brave of you to have made that...but we're feeling a little faint.

And thanks for the kind words, my sister from another mister. ;)

We were THRILLED that you and CC came. Truly.

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