07 November 2007


I already cancelled my Facebook account over the titty thing, (because I am all about the boobies) then I reinstated it with a "Facebook Sucks" button, just to see if I could earn me another Golden Shit Stirrer Award, but it didn't work. Facebook wasn't paying attention to my little Agent Provocateur act.

Now there's this.

If I understand this right, Facebook wants its users to recommend products, and they will send those recommendations to all of the user's contacts...um because why?

Am I going to get PAID to recommend things? And even if I am, do my contacts have a way to opt our of my noxious ad-spewing blast?

Look, I recommend things all the time. I back my truck up and dump my shit into the Internet's tubes and people seem to like it.

Sometimes on my own blog, other times of Epinions,Chowhound or other sites.

So what's the difference, then?

On my site, Epinions and Chowhound, I don't go banging on anyone's virtual door to advertise to them. They stop by for a reason, to see if they want to wreck their spines with a crappy Dirt Devil vacuum or not.

"But you have ads on your site. What's the difference NOW, Ethical Girl?"

I hope people who read my site know that my ads come from a feed, and while I can choose not to carry particular content (I don't do tobacco ads, for instance), I have no choice over what advertisers appear in my sidebar and I don't endorse or unendorse (is that a word?) any of them.

I'm already not so big on Facebook. It is a minor part of my online life because my blog is where I live on the internet. But if every time I go there, I get a pile of ads from contacts I may or may not know well, recommending everything from hair product to hemmoroid cream, well, I'll go play somewhere else. Again.


Goldie loves squeaky toys, and the ones she loves most of all are these little soft hedgehogs. She has about 8 between my parents house and my house.

Because the old ones were so torn and drool-covered, I bought 2 more this weekend. I am amazed at the amount of joy she gets out of them, considering the fact that she has so many in reserve. She is so proud of her new toys. She really knows the difference.

Of course, my mom always says her granddog is a genius.

Three more seconds in my 15 minutes of fame over at Queen of Spain's BlogHer video cooking thingie. More fun than the FoodTV network.


Mamma said...

It was only a matter of time until they used that honking big network to make serious cash.

Frankly, I've had enough of the vampire and werewolf invitations for this lifetime. Though it is fun for surreptitiously checking out people from high school and college.

Grace said...

My boys do that too--they are actually only interested in new toys and disdain old ones. Such products of their generation.

Suzanne said...

I love the hedgehog. Very cute. I'm sure it won't be when Goldie is done with it, but I'm glad she is enjoying it.

MsLittlePea said...

My dog likes the furry hedgehogs too. His is grey though. I've never heard of facebook. I do remember you writing something about the boobie thing. What' so offensive about boobies?

Jhianna said...

Oh those hedgehogs are Sierra's favorite toys too!

She loves the grunting sound they make instead of a squeak.

FENICLE said...

Would you ever be interested in doing guest reviewers over at Props & Pans?

FENICLE said...

OMG - I asked you about doing guest reviews @ PnP and then realized, duh she has before!!

My apologies for being super slow today :)

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