11 November 2007

Why do dogs wait? A photo essay

Q. Why is Goldie waiting outside on a Saturday afternoon?
Goldie waits
A. She wants to do this.
Another Goldie
Then she comes home and does this. It's a rough life.
Dogs get tired


mar said...

me too

QT said...

That is too sweet! Does she have her own blanket, too?

Juliness said...

Here's to the simplicity of a dog's life...and all the ways they make ours better!

jessica said...

She's so adorable!

Kizz said...

If only it WERE a dog's life. :)

Lisa said...

Goldie and Abbey would get along well. They'd both be exchanging stories.

If reincarnation exists tho. I want to come back as YOUR dog. She's obviously very loved and cherished. heehee.

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