09 January 2008

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Hillary Clinton: "Over the last week, I listened to you, and in the process I found my own voice."


Shouldn’t a 60-year-old have found their own voice at least 30 years ago?


I think she may have found “this week’s voice,” which is all a slippery politician really needs.


mothergoosemouse said...


Good line, good delivery, good reception by the audience - but yeah, it doesn't stand up well to deeper analysis.

Kris said...

I think you couldn't be more right. She is too slickery for her own good.

margalit said...

I think you're more than a bit harsh. I'm 55 years old and I KNOW I haven't yet found my own voice. As a woman, I've found the voice of other women telling me how I'm supposed to think, and of men telling me that I'm thinking wrong, but my own voice? Not so much.

You don't like Hilary? I'm not her biggest fan either. Nor am I supporting her. But I don't think it's appropriate to be snotty and mean because you think her watery eyes were fake. I think she was obviously touched by the question, just as John Edwards have been when HIS eyes teared up. But I don't remember you making a snotty comment about that, do I?

WHY do women feel like it's OK to tear other women down all the time. Welcome back to the mommy wars.

SUEB0B said...

I wasn't commenting about her tearing up. I was commenting about her newly found voice, which I think is a bunch of BS. I will be critical of any politician I choose to be critical of, man or woman. Gender doesn't matter.

meno said...

Maybe you should work with your life coach on why you HATE WOMEN!! Why do ovaries threaten you so?

*kidding, just kidding*

I was happy to see her win this because i want there to be a bit more to the primaries than have it all be over after Iowa.

gael said...

I do agree that it is not a level playing field when comparing and contrasting candidates of different genders. I hate the mindless talk about how Hillary looks when no one marches Richardson down the style runway. And too often people, men and women alike, are too quick to play the b**** card when refering to a woman of power.

BUT... I didn't sense any chick fighting in the original observation. I think we all must be vigilant and share suspicions of smarmy politicians, male, female, black, latino, white or whatever.

And hey... isn't it cool that we are immersed in election debates where gender and race come into play and it's no longer a bunch of old white guys?

Not that there's anything wrong with old white guys... I mean, some of my relatives are old white guys.

SUEB0B said...

Gael - you funny!

Suzanne said...

Richardson who? It would be great if the press would criticize his style because at least they'd be covering him for once. Of course, this is another criticism of the media. They only cover the candidates they deem electable, which helps seal their fate as front runners because people have no idea there are other candidates since they are never mentioned.

I think Hillary actually lost her voice. She had a pretty awesome voice with lots of interesting things to say in the 90s. I want to hear that voice again.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a Hillary supporter but watching folks (read male pundits) salivate over her pending doom really pissed me off and fine my inner Hillary voice. God Bless her. She may not be the best, or at times even bearable, but she is certainly holding her ground and that says a lot about how far women have come.

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