08 January 2008

Just when you thought I couldn't get more California

I met with my Life Coach for the first time tonight. WTF a LIFE COACH - are you serious?

Apparently, I am. Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

I did it because my plan for World Domination needed a little work. I thought an outside opinion might be of some help.

No, really, we had an auction of stuff donated by members at church and this is what I bought. It was for the Building Fund (is it a rule that every church has to have a Building Fund? Maybe that's why being a pagan was so pleasing: no building = no building fund. But I digress.)

We assessed what my current life situation was and where I wanted to improve. The surprising outcome of the assessment was there were many parts of my life that I was actually pretty satisfied with. Who woulda thunk it?

For instance, I probably wouldn't move from this funky house unless I got an incredible deal or I found a place I could buy. And my job, while fairly mundane, suits its purpose for now.

But I did decide I need more money. How I will go about achieving that aim is not clear, yet, but we have 3 more sessions to clarify.

In the mean time: anyone have any spare money lying around that you could send me? Hey, it's worth a shot, right?


jessica said...

The first line of this post almost made me choke on my coffee!

Hey, maybe you could become a life coach - I hear they make killer money.

PunditMom said...

Not WTF, just WTH? Why not? You go fit it!

Kizz said...

I worked with a life coach that I adored for many years. It was a huge help in the way I approach moulding my life. Have fun with it!

Suzanne said...

Hey, that sounds cool.

Karl said...

A life coach would have a hell of a time with me, that's for sure. It's good that you've discovered how good you have it, yeah?

Ronit Baras said...

I tell you what, if you keep up them headlines comin', and you keep writing the way you do and asking people for money, you are sure to get some.

Enjoy the ride with your coach. From experience, it's a life changing experience you'll be happy you've had.

Be Happy in LIFE
Be Special, Be Yourself

radioactive girl said...

Sometimes all you have to do is ask, right? Unfortunately I don't have any spare money right now but hopefully someone does, right?

I think I need someone to tell me what I should be when I grow up. Is that what a life coach does?

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