17 January 2008

More signs the world is ending

Ad on the front page of USA Today print edition: “Get celebrities’ birthdays on your cell phone. Text 12345 with message ‘bday.’”

What earthly good is this? So you can spend the day musing on how lovely it is that Justin Timberlake is celebrating his birth on THIS VERY DAY?

Honestly, people. If I ever start gushing about some celebrity’s birthday, take me out back like Ol’ Yeller, put a bullet in my delusional noggin and leave me for vulture food. Because at that point, that’s all I would be good for.



meno said...

Will do sister, and before i do, i would tell you to get a life.

You would do the same for me, of course.

Lynnea said...

Maybe we could all form a celebrity bday madness head up ass death pact. So like whenever we get to that point we just off each other and put ourselves out of misery. But first we exchange gifts with each other.

stephanie said...

Just for the record, I crowd one of my classroom calendars with famous people birthdays for historical and literary reference only.

I'm only a celebrity birthday weirdo when they share mine (like Rick Springfield and Gene Kelly). For some reason that makes me kind of giddy.

Please don't shoot.

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