14 February 2008

So answer me this

1) My kitchen sink stopper is a non-standard size (because my sink is ancient and non-standard), so I can't stop up my sink if I want to. It just doesn't fit right (but it keeps veg peels from going down the pipes).

So answer me this: Why, then, when I dump something disgusting, does the sink stopper magically seal for once, so that I have to reach through an inch of murky, coffee-ground- and oatmeal-filled water to unstop it?

2) There is a motion-sensor light above my front door. It does not turn on with a switch. When the switch is on, it still needs motion to set it off, and many things do this - cats, waving banana leaves that are 30 feet away, wrinkles in the fabric of the universe...

So answer me this: Why, when I open the front door and Goldie and I walk out into the pitch blackness and I want to take the trash out and want light to keep me from breaking an ankle, so I stand there waving my arms in every direction like a total maniac, will the light not go on until I have waved so hard that I have already fallen off the front porch?

Do you have any questions? Or answers?

PS I love you people! I don't say it often enough but Valentines Day shouldn't just be reserved for romantic love, right? I just hope that everyone gets the same amount of fun, support and friendship that I have from blogging.


lizgwiz said...

I have no answers to your questions. But I share your love of my fellow bloggers!

Amie Adams said...

Oh! I have so many questions.

I love you too Suebob, and I agree 100% re: the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Those are both great questions... my questions are related to the existence of stupid people,
my ever-lasting eye-twitch(open to remedies that don't include botox), and my office being arctic ... and that just covers today. Oh the questions!

Happy V-Day!

Karl said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

mar said...

the motion-light in the basement laundry room in my apartment complex does that too. also, when i try to go in the doors at the library, it's like i'm invisible.
happy v-day. it's getting better all the time, as the beatles say.

Day Dreamer said...

I had a motion light like that once. Just once.

May it rest in peace.

jess said...

t's the universe's way of telling you you are alive and not simply a banana leaf.

happy v-day to you.

Suzanne said...

I love Jess's answer.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Alex Elliot said...

Hmmm....I have the sink issue and my stoppers actually fit. Just not when I want to fill the sink. But if there's something gross in it, it stops right up! Happy Valentine's Day!

Count Mockula said...

I hate having to reach through dishwater. Ew.

Unknown said...

I love you too!! Why don't you come up here and see me sometime?

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