29 February 2008

Spring Whining

Normally I go to Baseball Spring Training in Arizona.

I like the game just fine, but it's not all about the baseball. You get to sit in the sun, eat sweet, salty and greasy snacks, and generally have about the most stress-free time you can imagine.

There's also an annual outing to The Barrio Cafe, a restaurant so good that it is worth a trip to Phoenix and the usual 2 hour wait.

This year I'm not going and I'm a little bitter.

I just can't bring myself to travel for pleasure when I have credit card debt (I'm boring but practical, you gotta admit) and I can't pay off my credit card debt in full because of some reasons I cannot discuss because they are about work and bonuses and let's just try not to get dooced here, ok?

But while we're on the subject of baseball, is anyone else wondering just why the hell Congress is investigating steroid use?

Dozens of elected officials and their minions are packing meeting rooms to grill Roger Clemens and to drool over his muscular manly forearms. Your tax dollars at work.

Does anyone really care, or is this just some kind of reverse congressional hero-worship, these doofus policy wonks finally getting back at the Cute Popular Jock Guys from high school?

Meanwhile, reports out of Iraq are that we are paying $45 a case for soda for our soldiers and mercenaries (yes, I said mercenaries, not "contractors"). Have the congressional hearings started about THAT yet?

Wake me when they do.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You are the best.

And you make excellent points.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Amen, Suebob!

Anonymous said...

You stole that steroid thing right out of my head. I've had the exact same thoughts about it. So stupid.

Mocha said...

Sitting at lunch one day the admin staff was staring at the tv in the lunch room (no sound, they're just all over the place - a whole blog post unto itself) shaking their heads at Congress. We wondered collectively if they had something better to do, but no. They focused on sports and drug use and tried to make us feel that it was more important than politics and war and poverty.

Luckily, we were smarter than that.

Now, if the news mentioned something about reducing national debt by helping us with our credit cards...

Suzanne said...

Totally, totally, totally. Please come live with me when I move to a sheep farm in the UK.

FENICLE said...

True that! I hear ya on the money issues....

$45? Seriously!

Mrs. Swizzle said...

Mr. Swizzle and I have been wondering why Congress is wasting our money on Roger Clemens, too. What is that?

SUEB0B said...

Thanks Sarah, glad to help.

Chicky - they should let me run everything.

Izzy - and getting stupider, apparently. Now it is some kind of showdown over who lied.

Mocha - war, healthcare, infrastructure, education - YAWN!

Suzanne - as long as we can make sheep milk cheese, I am there.

Fenicle - I am getting congress a Costco card instead of paying my taxes.

Mrs. Swizzle - didn't they investigate comic books back in the day? I guess being stupid is a fine tradition.

Suzanne said...

Yes, sheep milk cheeses and yogurts. It will be a good life.

John said...

i bet those congressmen get free soda. bastards!

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