30 March 2008

Almost like soulmates

Why I Am Bossy and I are bonded together in an almost mystical way:

Bossy is tooling around the country in a free Saturn Aura.

Suebob is wearing a free Saturn Aura t-shirt (from BlogHer '06 - this is its first wearing) while using tools (like the vacuum and mop).

Is mopping the floor in a Saturn Aura t-shirt as much fun as going on a nationwide blogging tour? I'll never tell.

(No, I am not baked. It is the camera angle, I swear).


Anonymous said...


you look baked !!!!!

-angel apologist

stephanie said...

Sweet connection. I would say definitely as much fun, if not more really.

arse poetica said...

You are so cute!

And, yes, that connection is almost mystical.

MsLittlePea said...

Mopping the floor sounds way more fun than a free car.

Mocha said...

You look smashing darling!

If you are getting baked I fully expect you to CALL ME FIRST.

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