10 March 2008

Unholy Trinities

Of Personal Appearance
  • Allergies (Sinus Headache/Dark Eye Circles/Bloodshot Eyes)
  • Flat Hair from dry weather
  • PMS

Of Retail Experience
  • Returns Counter at Kohl's
  • Clerk who has to answer long, complex questions on the phone AND help everyone in line
  • Someone taking a long, smelly dump in the adjacent bathroom WITH the door open

Of Commuting
  • The dude who can see traffic can't go any faster but zooms up at 90 mph anyway and sits there 2 inches from the car in front of him
  • The morning sun beaming RIGHT at eye level
  • $3.45 a gallon gas

What's YOUR unholy trinity?


KiKi said...

Of Bathroom Etiquette

Public bathroom at work, coworker goes into stall, starts convo while relieving herself.

It's number two.

She doesn't wash her hands when she's done.

Julie said...

More bathroom etiquette:
1. The woman who takes the time put down the asspaper to save her own butt from germs, but can't be bothered to remove it from the seat on her way out.
2. The obsessive "toothbrushers" in the office next to me who leave water and toothpaste all over the sink and mirror like they are in their own home bathroom.
3. The weak women who cannot give the faucet a hard enough tug when they are done, letting the faucet drip heavily as if the drought is fiction.
Thanks, I feel better!
Hey, I switched web addresses, new one linked to my name below.

Anonymous said...

Oh man that first one has me just reeling this last week. I've got a red nose, watery eyes, a frizzed out ponytail and want to kill the world due to PMS. Good thing we are a few miles away ;)

Andrea said...

Personal Appearance:
a bad haircut

no time to iron clothes

baby spit up on my shirt after I left for work this morning.

Bathroom Etiquette:

Someone keeps putting the can of Lysol on top of the toilet paper rolls AFTER it's already sat on the floor behind the toilet. Who's going to want to use that TP now?

The Booger Wiper. Really, people the TP is right there. Are we 5 and find it funnier to wipe it on the stall wall?

The Gossip Clique who find the bathroom to be a great meeting place because their bosses are all male and can't go searching for them. It's hard to go in peace when there's a gaggle of judgmental women crowding around the sinks.

Mrs. Swizzle said...

Bush, Cheney & Rove?

Sorry, that was too obvious...

I'll think some more

Anonymous said...

Oh god Kohls is an unholy trinity of it's own.......

Shitty prices
Lame sales
Crappy return methods

Someone bought me some baby clothes and I had to return them there a few weeks ago. I don't really shop there, it think they are a huge stupid rip off. So, I walked in and like I would at Mervyns or Old Navy or wherever, I stood in the fucking ridiculously long line for 15 minutes only to get to the head of the line and have a very disinterested dude tell me "I can't help you, you have to go to the customer service desk". Oh so nicely. (not really) So I then hauled my fat pregnant ass to the back of the mother fricking store and stand for 10 minutes in ANOTHER line to do a simple return. OMGZ!!!!! I HATE KOHLS!!!!!! HATE HATE HATE!!!!!

Traceytreasure said...

Having to sit in the passenger seat of your car while your son scares the shit out of you while he's learning to drive....Every public restroom in the world and Kohls!

Her Bad Mother said...

Household From Hell (mother of all cliches): Pregnancy, sick toddler, cranky husband

Chantel said...

oh honey, I'm sorry.

Mrs. G. said...

See's chocolate, PMS and and my bathroom scale.

Amanda said...

Of Parenting:

Cleaning up your kid's barf

While you yourself are barfy

And pregnant

Elva said...

The guy or gal who is more imoportant than any one else, switches lanes umpteen times to get ahead and then ends up beside you at the stop light, AND doesn't understand why I am laughing in my coffee.

Alex Elliot said...

4 year old who thinks he's 16, two year old who thinks he's 13, one dog recovering from surgery.

Karen Sugarpants said...

insecurity + love for friends + insecurity about friends love for me.

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