29 May 2008

Stuck in the middle

Are you right-brained or left-brained?

I am, um, neither:

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 8(8)
Right Brain Dominance: 7(7)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Confession time: I love Jelly Bellies. I am quite the connoisseur - remember the time I spent $14.54 on them at the airport because I was so excited that they were only $3.49 a pound? And then I found out they were $3.49 A QUARTER pound? I am just lucky that I haven't found a place around here that sells them by the single flavor, because I am so fussy that I refuse to buy the pre-mixed kind. Here are my preferences:

Jelly Belly Flavors Yes:
French Vanilla
Chocolate Pudding
Cream Soda
Cinnamon/Super Hot Cinnamon
Strawberry Daquiri
Pina Colada
Cotton Candy
The elusive raspberry
Caffe Latte
Toasted Marshmallow
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Cheesecake

Jelly Belly Flavors Hell No:
Buttered Popcorn (THE most odious)
Bubble Gum
Peanut Butter
Green Apple
Root Beer
Dr. Pepper
Caramel Corn
Tutti Fruitti

Jelly Belly Flavors I Won't Spit out but which bring me little joy:
Juicy Pear
Red Cherry
Orange Sherbet
Island Punch

Please adjust your gift mixes accordingly.


gael said...

HA! I'm stuck in the middler! I got 8/8. Whose quiz is that?

Jelly Bellys? You can have 'em all. Sugar Babies or Twizzlers, now there's a snack.

Carolie said...

I'm so glad we're all different in this world! You can have ALL the Cotton Candy *shudder* and Tangerine *double-shudder* Jelly Bellies, if I can have your Buttered Popcorn and Juicy Pear.

We'll have to work out how to share the Cappuccino and Raspberry...and we may have to pay someone to take away the Bubble Gum and Tutti Fruitti (ew ew ew ew ew ew)!

QT said...

Left brainer here - by a large margin.

I don't eat Jelly Belly's for most of the reasons that you listed under "flavors I hate"

Buttered popcorn flavor is indeed odious.

Count Mockula said...

I think I may be the only person I've ever met who likes buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies. I also like Tabasco and Jalapeno. And many of the others on your hell no list, for that matter.

I assume you're going to BlogHer -- you won't be that far from the Jelly Belly factory, where not only can you get tours, and not only can you purchase them by individual flavors, but you can also buy cheap bags of "Belly Flops," irregular (but still tasty) Jelly Bellies.

SUEB0B said...

Oh, thanks, Count Mockula. Feed my addiction...sigh.

super des said...

I also love jelly bellys. And the factory in fairfield. the tour is free (and fun) and they even give you a little free gift at the end. It's my favorite place in the world.

You will learn that Jalapeno is the only flavor that never be in a mix because it makes all the others taste like jalapeno. And that is upsetting because yuck.

Did you know that jalapeno and watermelon look very similar? That's a mistake I'll never make again.

meno said...

We are not "stuck in the middle," we are well balanced!

(Mine were about equal too.)

MsLittlePea said...

Am I a total loser because I've never eaten any? Or just a jelly belly virgin?

Jhianna said...

I was right smack in the middle too - 8/8.

Mmmmmm Jelly Bellies! I'm a fan of the sours, but I'd take all your little joy flavers plus the Green Apple. I'm a nut when I go to the local outlet malls - they have a Fizzywig candy store with the individual flavors. Oy, I spend a lot of money there.

On a side note, I taught my Great Pyrneese to love Jelly Bellies. She used to be able to go from a dead sleep, across the house, down some stairs, and across the house again to get to me before the candy dispenser had finished dropping all the Jelly Bellies. (She is a fan of everything but Licorice, chocolate pudding, and cappucino.)

SUEB0B said...

Oh, Jhianna - you have a great pyrenees? They are such lovely dogs. And your dog and I can share, since she won't eat my favorite flavors.

Gael, I love me some Sugar Babies, too!

Count and Des - maybe a field trip is in order.

Susan Carrier said...

Did you know that the Jelly Belly was invented in Southern California by candy inventor David Klein of San Dimas. He sold out to the company in Fairfield that now calls itself Jelly Belly. Alas, Mr. Klein was a one-hit candy wonder and never came up with another confection with JB's popularity.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I'm a strawberry cheesecake JB fan, myself.

Kizz said...

I got the reverse 8/7 split from yours. That's funny.

Major Bedhead said...

I got a 10 for left brain and 7 for right. Now to find out what that means.

I love pina colada jelly bellies. Love. Them. And I have a source for by-the-flavour Jelly Bellies. It's kind of like the book store - I give myself stern talkings-to as I walk by the store. "You will NOT go in there, you do not NEED any Jelly Bellies, you are trying to lose weight and that will not help at all, so you just keep marching, missy." It's great inside my head.

Suzanne said...

The factory is not far from French Laundry, I think. I went on the factory tour a few years ago, and was annoyed that they did not give out samples. They do sell individual flavors, though. I've also seen individual flavors sold in candy stores around here.

Suzanne said...

9 on the left brain and 8 on the right. Stuck in the middle with you.

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