04 June 2008

Painted Ponies

Things I did today that you probably didn't:
  • Spilled a cone-shaped filter of coffee and almost-boiling water on myself, the sink, the counter, the cabinets, the floor and the throw rug.

  • Reviewed notes from an interview I did a week ago. An interview in which I both got some fantastic quotes and information AND neglected to take down the subject's name. Which I have forgotten, having done a dozen interviews in the intervening time period.

  • Covered a high school graduation at which none of the graduates had anything remotely interesting to say. I sidled over to my fabulous photographer Karen and said "I got nothin'."

    She snorted, gestured to her camera and said "I got nothin'." I can't hardly wait for tomorrow's paper, can you?


Anonymous said...


I bet you didn't fill the kitchen sink with Drano that now won't go down the drain and has become a toxic hazard!

Kizz said...

Are you OK? Even almost boiling is pretty painful.

BOSSY said...

OK, true - you win for rotten day.

Miss Britt said...

I think "We Got Nothin'" would make a spectacular headline, actually.

I'd buy that paper.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Miss Britt

Suzanne said...

Karen sounds like a lot of fun to work with, though. (I don't know what's up with me and looking on the bright side...)

SUEB0B said...

Sister Wolf - No, because Drano would disturb my burgeoning sink ant colony.

Kizz - I leaned over in my nightgown so it did not stick.

Bossy - Thank you, thank you.

Miss Britt - I may change my tagline

Elvie - Thanks for your sweet email, sis.

Suzanne - Karen rocks so hard. One time we did a story about a children's outdoor biology class and she laid down in a creek, fully clothed, to get a good shot. I LOVE her.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I think if my day started like that, I woulda considered it an omen and crawled back into bed. Fortunately, you get a whole new day over which to triumph!

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