25 October 2008

Dog things

Diego the Xoloitzcuintli

When I go out to do my little freelance stories on weekends, I enjoy getting to get out of my cubicle and talk to people, but I have to admit that, even more than that, I enjoy meeting new dogs.

Today, I met a Mexican hairless dog, Diego, and his owner. She told me she got a hairless dog because her previous dog was an Afghan hound and that she got so tired of combing and combing its hair.

"With Diego, I just kind of wipe him off," she said.

I found that hilarious for some reason, picturing her with a damp sponge...counters, table, and oh, yes, let me take a swipe at the dog.


If you need a nice meditative dog fix, go see what the Shiba Inu puppies are doing on the puppy cam. Let's all say it together: "Awwwwww."


Catherine said...

I love meeting new doggies, too! I love dogs, they rule.

g said...

The look like....deer or something, not dogs!!

But they still look sweet.

Schmutzie said...

You're evil. Those puppies can distract me for hours.

claire said...

Oh my.. a 24 hour feed of puppies... they're sleeping now, and yet? I must watch...

What have you done, Suebob? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Ugh, now i'm never going to get my work done. Oh, the cuteness.

Suzanne said...

I must admit that at first, I thought that this dog was a pig. Interesting.

grace said...

I hear her on the hair, I really do, but Diego really doesn't look like a dog to me. And doesn't he get cold?

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