26 October 2008

Meet the readers

What are your obsessions? I have several things that fascinate me beyond reason:

1. Megacryometeors
2. MRSA, which might make sense because staph came close to killing me when I was 16.
3. Aung San Suu Kyi, who is a heroine

What are yours?


thailandchani said...

Books would be the first and major obsession.

Ideas. It's like searching for the Holy Grail. I'm fascinated by anything having to do with cultural anthropology, metaphysics, spirituality and new physics.

Learning. I'm disappointed if I don't learn something about something each day. That's probably why I read so many blogs, books, magazines, newspapers and anything else in print.


mar said...

i'm for all three non-specifics listed above.
but particulars?

nikola tesla

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Victoria'a Secret, South Park, Health, Nutrition, Books, dogs, Metaphysics, Astrology, Music, Blogs like yours, Nice people and my blog.
It's early, that's all I can come up with right now. I should be getting ready for work but working is NOT a current obsession! :)


Green-Eyed Momster said...

s/b Victoria's

Oh, and educating our kids. I'm obsessed with putting smart kids into the workforce!

More hugs!!

Mignon said...

-No on Prop 8 discussion boards
-trying not to eat sweets and searching for something else to munch on that takes the place of cookies
-Pandora (http://www.pandora.com/)

Anonymous said...

giant squid - and I hate even being near fish.

the pioneer woman - cuz

expensive, boxy not slouchy, leather handbags - big time

Elena said...

Pema Chodron; little tiny compartmentalized boxes, like printer's boxes; karate; my bf's gorgeous face (sappy, but true)

Kizz said...

-This song by the Weepies that I just heard for the first time last week, Somebody Loved
-TV, I love it
-Having something to read with me at all times

Christina said...

Right now? Politics. I can't wait for this election to be over so I can stop obsessing over it.

I'm always obsessed with news. I have that urge to know everything, so I follow everything I can.

(And MRSA is a good obsession. You wouldn't believe how fast it's spreading in hospitals. Ugh.)

Deodand said...

I just wrote about accents yesterday - the written ones, not the sounds. I'm a little obsessed with them lately.

That, and tiramisu.

Kristin said...

The Election.

That's it.

Ask this question again on 11/5 & my answer will either be sunny and varied or will involve Canadian real estate.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

My mom was diagnosed with MRSA in the hospital. So, in the next hospital, we had to suit up with gloves and gowns and everything to visit her. And she was guaranteed a private room. But in the extended care place, no one paid any attention to it. No gowns, roomie, the whole thing. Crazy, huh?

Amy Urquhart said...

Job search websites.

Suzanne said...

Old maps with sea monsters.
Roadside attractions.

Suzanne said...
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MitMoi said...

Never being without reading material.

Food: learning new techniques for cooking, buying new ingredients, trying new recipes/flavor combination.

Writing; practicing, editing, rewriting.

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