11 October 2008

Sabado Tarde

Who woulda thunk my own sister would be busting my chops on my own blog about voting for Obama? What a world, what a world. Like there is anything on this earth that would make me vote for McCain.

If something truly horrifying came out about Obama - say, that he encouraged shooting wolves from airplanes, I would vote for Nader. Again.

But not John McCain. No way. For one, his font choice is just so 1985. Look, I'm an old friend of Optima and Palatino, but come on - don't you think their time has passed? The Obama campaign obviously has a much better handle on modernity, rocking the Gill Sans and Centennial like nobody's business. Very 21st century.

(No, it isn't my ONLY reason. Or even a real reason. If you dare think it is, STFU and go away, because there is something so wrong with your brain that I don't even want you resting your eyeballs on my pixels. I just love to talk typography).

Yes, I'm a typestyle geek. I blame my former boss, Brian.

I bet you could suss out who is voting for whom 95% of the time just by asking them which campaign's fonts they prefer.

If I were running for office, my signs would be in Franklin Gothic and Americana. Would you vote for me?

Tell me there are other font geeks out there.


Denise said...

I admit it, I'm a total font geek.

I was always, you know, 'font curious', but after becoming close friends with a group graphic designers at work I am now totally committed to a font-focused lifestyle.

And nice font choices too - I would totally vote for you.

Amy Sue Nathan said...

Franklin Gothic is a little too Arial for me, but Americana is right up my alley.

You have my vote!

barbra said...

Hurrah! I love discovering a fellow font geek! (Hasn't happened to me before -- maybe once). I LOVED the Helvetica documentary, and I go to fonts.com to pine for fonts. I get their email updates!

Americana, LOVE IT!

Cafe Observer said...

Wake up! It's not 2 late. Keep hope alive, sister!

Don't vote 4 any of these 2 establishment party machine fundraisers!

Vote 4 a 3rd party person -someone who actually is more like da resta us.

Let it begin small with you, and me, and we, and.....

I hear the conservatives are the best typestyle geeks, so there, maybe that's your style!

Hell, vote for 1 of us dogs! Oh, yeah, these pols have it rigged so we aren't allowed to run 4 office. Well, at least we can vote. Oh, no. 4got they won't lettuce do that either. What are these politicians afraid of??

SUEB0B said...

@Denise - "font curious" - that is a t-shirt I would wear.

@amy nathan Oh nooooo you said the "A" word (arial) on my blog. Arial is properly called Helvetica, or at least it was before microsoft got its grubby little hands on it. And if you spend some time with Franklin Gothic, you will see that it is different from Helvetica in some subtle and lovely ways.

Barbra - I was lucky enough to work at a graphic design house where all of my co-workers were total type geeks. It was really, really fun.

Swistle said...

One of the best compliments I ever got was "You have good taste in fonts."

I like serifs, but would likely still vote for you.

Anonymous said...

I am a font ho - so much so that I actually watched a documentary called Helvetica, which is really about the font (available on Netflix, y'all). When I pulled the movie out, Dan said, "What's it about?" and I said, "A font." Blank stare. So I said, "Um, a type style. How a letter looks." Blank stare. He finally said, "Really? The movie is about LETTERS!? Do they at least explode?"

Poor Dan - he married a DORK.

Major Bedhead said...

Oooh, fonts.

I'm really partial to the fonts that Tim Burton uses in his movies. Also, anything sort of Deco or Art Nouveau makes me smile.

Catherine said...

I totally heart fonts and LOVE seeing really creative and interesting ones. They make me happy.

Carolie said...

Me too, me too, me too! Font choice MATTERS.

I'm a fan of Franklin Gothic, Gill Sans Light and Twentieth Century...as well as the whole family of Goudy fonts, oddly enough. I'm rather into Centaur at the moment, too.

One of my proudest moments was finding out (quite recently!) that my great-great grandfather was the first president of the Lanston Monotype Machine Company!

Suzanne said...

Americana is perfect, not only in style, but also in name. Nice choice. I would vote for you.

I like that art deco font whose name I don't know. I think it is snazzy, although not such a good campaign font.

Anonymous said...

I am a total font geek. Have you seen this video:



I am getting the same guff from my husband that you are getting from your sister about the cast of my vote in November. We just have to agree to disagree. Stay strong!

Elan Morgan said...

I admit that I spent well over an hour drooling over fonts and adding them to my fonts file yesterday. Fonts are way sexay.

Issa said...

I'd vote for you. I will tell you, I have tried so hard to stop putting an extra space in between sentences, since you said something about it. Because it bugs me, but I've had trouble stopping. There needs to be a support group or something.

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