19 May 2009

Join my ponzi scheme

Updated: I have five victims participants. One more, please? You NEED 36 random books! Think how proud you will be to donate them all to the library book sale!

My sis got me involved in this harmless ponzi scheme - a book-sharing club. I had to mail one random paperback book to someone and am supposed to get 36 books in the mail.

I kind of hope it doesn't work, given that I have books piled on every available surface already. But what the heck.

This is predicated on me finding 6 suckers friends to join in. I already have 2. Anyone else want to play?

Email me at suebobdavis aaaat g mail and I will send you the deets. Please? Please don't make me beg. It really isn't pretty.


Summer said...

Sounds fun,have a great day ahead friend.=)

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The Brown Mestizo

queenofspain said...

only if they can deliver them to my iphone kindle app :)

Deb said...

I would happily mail books, but I don't want books to come to me. Books are already everywhere. They may eat me, that's how many books there are. What book do you want, I'll mail it to you. Done.

Kristin said...

Please update if this works. I got an invitation to do this about 6 months ago and I really wanted to participate, but sadly, I am very lazy. I got as far as picking out the book to send...but it is still sitting on my desk. I love the idea of getting 36 books in the mail though.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

ACK! I got hives just thinking about getting 36 books in the mail. Good idea, though. In theory. ;)

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