09 June 2009

Put this on your bucket list

See a California Condor.

No, really, you gotta do it. It is lump-in-the-throat worthy. I don't know why big animals are so special, but they are. Condors are like IMAX birds.

Their wing span is 9 feet or so. They have four at the Santa Barbara Zoo and it was worth every penny of the $11 entry fee just to see them.
Condor wings

There are also some cute penguins in case you like your birds smaller and with less flight. Penguin

You can also pay another $4 to take the train. The train tours areas of the zoo you don't normally get to see, like the piled-up crap behind the cages, the cages behind the other cages, and the spare train. I wouldn't say it is worth the price, but you do get to sit down, so there's that.


Sister Wolf said...

Shit, that's an amazing photo.

Mignon said...

The Portland zoo has a bird show every day and if you sit under a strange metal contraption about halfway up the amphitheater, you will feel the beating of the wings of a condor as it flies right by your face (and a falcon and a golden eagle and some other giant meat-eating bird). It's amazing.

super des said...

I've seen wild Andean Condors, so that may have to do until I get back to CA.
Of course, I always love penguins and zoos and sitting down. :)

Dingo said...

The condors are just creepy. Amazing, but creepy. Penguins are more my speed.

Suzanne said...

When we drove from LA to SF at the end of last year, we passed by an area where there were a lot of cars parked and people standing around the side of the road. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a huge bird.

"Oh my god! Condors!" I gasped.

Husband pulled over at the next opportune moment, and we walked back to the area. There were three birds, all just sitting there watching the people watch them. It was pretty cool.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

There's a wildlife museum near us that you just reminded me to go see in the next week or two, thanks! They rehabilitate wild animals that have been injured, and, if they can, release them back into the wild. They have a gorgeous bald eagle on (sadly) permanent stay, as he was shot through one wing, and cannot fly. But he LOVES his bath, which is a lot of fun to watch.

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