12 June 2009

Questions in 50 words or less

When you go "ass over teakettle," which part is the teakettle?

Subwoofers: why?

Do all kids like high school now, or just the ones I interview?

Did you claim your facebook URL?

Is there an acceptable prejudice?


jess said...

i did claim my facebook url and, apparently "poop" is an acceptable prejudice.

mar said...

i didn't like hs most of the time, but maybe they do now?
is facebook turning into myspace or is it just me?
i don't care for purple, is that acceptable?

meno said...

Is it intolerant to be intolerant of intolerance?

flurrious said...

What does jess have against poop? Hater.

I don't know which part is the teakettle, but I am more confused by the expression, "head over heels," because my head is almost always over my heels, unless I'm doing something unseemly.

Heidi Rose said...

I don't think high schoolers who don't like high school are the kinds that would take interviews. I know tons of kids who don't like high school. Some of them are just extreme drug addicts, smokers, and alcoholics, and other just never seem to come to school at all.

I am also prejudice against red crayons.

Deodand said...

I believe strongly that 99% of subwoofer owners are using them incorrectly. A well-balanced sub makes everything better, and that means that it doesn't annoy anyone else.

Scientific Lutheran said...

I feel like there is one acceptable prejudice:

I really hate stupid people. Not uneducated or ignorant people. Stupid people. They come in every skin tone, nationality, religion and language.

They should be neutered and not allowed to reproduce.

Mocha said...

I'm more concerned that an ass and a teakettle are both part of the same sentence.

Subwoofers make everything taste better. (Or something like that)

Oh, heavens NO, they don't all like it. Do you need me to grab some high schoolers for you that hate high school?

Yes, I took my first and last name and have already begun to question it.

The only acceptable prejudice is one where people are willfully ignorant.

You forgot to ask if I miss and love you. The answer is yes, I do.

Isabella Golightly said...

AM I too late?
I have an irrational prejudice against people who can't conjugate a verb properly.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

To jess I would say, don't hate poop. If you can't poop for a week, you'll be VERY thankful the day you do. ;)

HS was OK for me. Didn't love it. Didn't hate it. My niece dropped out. My other niece thrived.

Suzanne said...

Q: Do all kids like high school now, or just the ones I interview?
A: Those kids are freaks.

Q: Did you claim your facebook URL?
A: No.

Q: Is there an acceptable prejudice?
A: Yes, and Scientific Lutheran and Mocha already supplied the answer.

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