29 July 2009

The Inevitable BlogHer 2009 Post

Small PJ Party
Welcome to my BlogHer post-party post. My PJs I bought for the Shutter Sisters Pajama Party were so comfortable that I have been wearing them ever since.

I had some serious problems with BlogHer this year.

No, not really, but it gets your attention, doesn't it? My problem is that BlogHer is 99.9% fun, overwhelming smart, funny, happening squee-fest and .1% dumb jerks making a scene, yet, through the power of bloggyness, the scene gets exaggerated and commented on and exploded like confetti that you can never get out of your carpet.

The good thing about the scene is that it gives people who didn't go a chance to dust off their hands and say "Well, I am SO glad I didn't waste my time and money on THAT."

You go right on ahead thinking that, people. It just leaves more hugging and super-rich little chocolate and vanilla mini-cupcakes for me.

My other problem was with my roommates, these people:
Maren & Suzanne

My serious problem with Maren is that she doesn't think she is beautiful, which just hurts and flabbergasts me. I wanted Tim Gunn to take her aside and show her how to let the cat of her natural beauty out of the bag she keeps it hidden in. I would sell my soul to Beelzebub for her eyes and hair...sigh.

And my problem with Suzanne is that...well, ok, to tell the truth I don't have a problem with her, either. Over the past four-plus years she has become a soul-sister in somewhat intellectual, yet foulmouthed and scatalogical snarkiness, a rare combination of traits that pleases me to no end.

My two roommates put up with my snoring, my messy sprawl that engulfed the bathroom and most of the floor, and a classic Suebobian Grand Slam freak-out when we went to Geno's East for pizza and I discovered that I could not be in that place ONE MORE SECOND.

Ah, it was a great weekend, full of win. I did everything I wanted and very little of what I didn't.

I have 17 more BlogHer posts in me, but I wanted to put something down in pixels sooner rather than later. Adios, amigos.


Count Mockula said...

I was just reflecting today on how gorgeous Maren is. It isn't fair, is it?

Stinkypaw said...

As long as you enjoyed yourself, that's the main thing, right? Right!

Anonymous said...

So glad to have met you!

(Gino's East is overrated.)

Assertagirl said...

Goddammit I missed seeing you AGAIN this year!!! Next year we must meet up. MUST!

Grace said...

Dude! Did I take that picture, with the jammies and the Cosmo? That's an awesome picture!

It was SO great to see you. Can't wait until next time.

super des said...

I am so sad I didn't get to go this year. :(

Jessica said...

I am so jealous! You and Suzanne are my two favorite blogger/friends! Glad you had a good time, and those jammies ROCK!

SUEB0B said...

Count Mockula - Well, beautiful women hang out together.

Stinkypaw - Oh, believe me, I enjoyed.

Rachel - Yes, it was great to meet you live and direct. Suzanne brought me home a slice and I stick by my love for NY style.

Amy - NO KIDDING! You'd think we would have bumped into each other.

Grace - I assume you did. Though I could not testify to that in a court of law.

Des - Next year in NYC baby.

Jessica - see my comment to Des. You HAVE to be there. Even if just to go to lunch or something.

mar said...

erm, your stuff in the bathroom & on the floor was sooo not an issue 'cause all of mine was in the corner by the chair on my side of the bed.
your reasons are the same that i adore suzanne.
you're stunning, suebob, inside and out. that was one of the first things i told s when i got back. and i'm sorry; i've got a complex!

Suzanne said...

Yes, it was nice to be surrounded by women of such enormous beauty - both outside and in! - and just feel like I fit in. I had the greatest time with all of you, and next year, well, I just can't wait!

Suzanne said...

(Jessica, if you come next year, you can stay with me in my apartment!!! You have to come!)

Sister Wolf said...

I remember last july, I called you and you were on your way to BogHer 2008, and I had just broken my pelvis!

Sister Wolf said...

I forgot to say that I love your jammies too. xo

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