06 December 2009

The list

My friends Spike, Lucky Spud and Doodle went to Vegas on an ill-fated trip and had so many bad things happen that they finally started a bulleted list, just so they could remember them all, lest they leave anything out of the tale of woe.

It is in this spirit of marinating in the badness that I bring you: My Week, The List of Horror

  1. Mom got chest pains

  2. Poor Swine Flu baby spewing germs all over ER waiting room

  3. Blessedly short Swine Flu emergency waiting room wait

  4. Followed by all-day in Swine Flu Emergency Room

  5. Noisy, horrible, uncomfortable ER packed to capacity

  6. Dad such a mess he didn't recognize a restaurant where he had eaten literally hundreds of times

  7. No water or bedpan for mom for hours at a time

  8. No food offered for mom from 7 am to 9 pm

  9. Angioplasty

  10. My last day at work cut to 2 hours squeezed in

  11. Cleaning my cubicle

  12. Saying goodbye to beloved co-workers in a rush

  13. 3 day old dishes rotting at home

  14. Not able to spend any time at home because landlord was sealing driveway and Goldie was trapped in hot car

  15. Standing in hospital hallway for 90 minutes with 91-year-old dad and sis because no one knew where mom was

  16. 3 nights on my folks' "block of cement" guest room bed

  17. Return of sciatic pain in my legs due to #16

  18. Saturday spent at medical labs, with Medicare nurse and doing a freelance job

  19. Sunday morning flat tire

  20. Tire store closed on Sunday

Ok, it wasn't ALL bad.

  1. Mom made a good recovery. They caught it just in time.

  2. My sis PK came far to rescue us when I was freaking out because the angioplasty fell on my last day at work and I needed to go clean out my cubicle and say goodbye. She really, really saved the day.

  3. A nice hospital employee named Devin very kindly walked me and my lost dad around the hospital when we couldn't find mom, and his sweet gesture swept the rest of the staff's cluelessness and rudeness right away.

  4. Mom promised to go back on her heart meds.

  5. If nothing else, it kept me from thinking about my last week at work

  6. I had an understanding manager who said "Of course family comes first" when I needed to take time off

Tell me about the FUN thing you did this week.


Kizz said...

I went upstate to visit my best friend. We cooked a ton of food and ate most of it and went to see tacky light displays and played with her dog.

The bus ride back goes on the not fun list. But it wasn't horrible.

German Shepherd Mom said...

I completed a PT sheep herding title with my boy this weekend! And then the radiator in my truck exploded. But over all, a fun weekend.

Sauntering Soul said...

Hi Suebob! Stefanie just sent me your squash enchilada recipe and it sounds yummy. I haven't actually made them yet, but plan to. I figured I could at least stop by and say hello since I'm stealing your recipes. So, "Hello!"

I was sick for a good portion of the week which was not fun. What was fun was laying on my couch all weekend watching old movies and not getting out of my pjs.

I hope your mom is okay and that this week is much better for you. Take care!

may\ said...

Hospitalized for migraine pain! and the treatment didn't even work.

mayberry said...

and, unable to leave intelligible comment attributed to myself.

Kim said...

I got to help my BFF paint part of her house purple! One part was lavender and one part was Welch's.

We also trimmed our friend's tree and had chocolate chip cheesecake which is the best.

I won't mention the part about the tree falling down after we trimmed it and having to re-trim it... oops. But we had fun doing it again. :)

Mignon said...

What a week. Geez. Hope your mom is feeling better!

Spent the better part of the weekend and last week building an ice skating rink in the backyard, and now it's too cold to go outside. Two below this morning, without the wind-chill.

lagata said...

Spent $1700 on son's car

Son is involved in accident that totals said car

Witness says accident was son's fault

Police officer sites other driver and says it is clear that my son was not at fault

Other insurance company won't settle until they hear from witness...

But - better than your week. My son is physically fine and I remain employed (I went through that scare earlier this year).

I'm so glad to hear that your Mom is doing better and that their were good people (well one person) to help you at the hospital.

Kalyn Denny said...

I am in complete admiration of your ability to make the best of it (not to mention turning it into a witty and interesting post.)

Glad your mom is better! Hope the rest will also improve!

Ericka said...

eek. sorry your week sucked.

when everyone else was heading for the door for the weekend at 4:00 friday, i was heading to my supplier for their quarterly quality update. *sigh* but i found a GREAT new restaurant.

also, i have the same pjs as yours - except mine have cats on them instead of fish. so cozy!

Lynnea said...

Rudeness in a hospital in unacceptable in my opinion. Anyone visiting is there to see someone they love who is sick. This requires conscientious kindness.

We took the kids out riding in the car to look at Christmas lights and had so much fun. They liked the blow up Santas the best.

Then before my husband left for two days, we got buzzed (ok drunk as skunks) on pink champagne (my choice) and let the night fly where it would.

Now I'm just ferrying kids around.

Suzanne said...

My friend Steph was in town last weekend. That was fun.

I am so glad that your mother is better!

flurrious said...

I didn't have any fun this week, but I didn't have as little fun as you you didn't have.

Has your doctor given you stretching exercises for your sciatica? I get a mild flareup once in a while, so I lie down on the floor and pull one knee up to my chest and hold it for ten seconds, repeat ten times. Then do the other leg, then both legs at the same time. It stretches out the lower back and takes the pressure off the nerve. It's not as fun as pain pills, though.

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