17 December 2009

What. The. Heck

How could I leave that grim & depressing post up for so long? My apologies. My excuse is that I have been BUSY - I think I have done seven news articles in the past five days PLUS job hunting.

Ok, a bullet point post will have to do.

  • I'm not going to say much but cross your fingers for my job hopes. There may be something good around the corner.
  • Things with the folks are even MORE worrisome. I'm pondering next steps. I wish my siblings all lived in my town so we could sit down over coffee, because they are all smarter than me.
  • I have done exactly nothing for Christmas so far.
  • My ex-job supplied me with 2 months of career search services, which I very much appreciate. That is mighty decent of them. There is something to be said for working for a SuperMegaHuge Giant Corporation.
  • Any advice on whether to buy Quark or InDesign if I want to do some design work again? I have Illustrator and PhotoShop. I worked in Quark 40 hours a week for, oh, a billion years, so I am more familiar. What are all the cool kids using?

Ok, off to do more reporting. Mo' money, baby.


Letseat said...

From what I've seen, the cool kids are moving toward CS4. Although I'm still on CS3 and haven't been forced to upgrade yet.

Dave2 said...

I gave up on Quark because all the prepress houses were falling in love with the clean PDF export that you get from InDesign. I never looked back. RIP errors have been virtually eliminated, and I couldn't be happier.

jlm said...

InDesign all the way! The seamless integrations with the other CS3 products is awesome.

Suzanne said...

Fingers double and triple crossed!!!

Overflowing Brain said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the job hunt. Also, know nothing about software, but when you make a decision, I'd be really interested in what you go with and what you think. I'm considering buying an editing program, but know so little about all of them.

p.s. I stopped tweeting about cat poop. I swear.

~annie said...

InDesign! Does anybody even use Quark anymore? If you know Quark, you'll easily find your way in InDesign. I'm still way back in CS2, when InDesign still opened Quark files, and the transition was quick and easy, but I can't imagine CS4 being drastically different.

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