15 March 2010

10 things that should be illegal

1. Truck nuts

2. Blaming natural disasters on something the locals did to piss God off.

3. Talking on the phone in the checkout line. At very least, the cashier should be permitted to wait, hands on hips, staring at you, until you hang up.

4. Cutting off dogs' ears and tails and declawing cats. How would you like YOUR ears cut into shapes?

5. Fox "News"

6. Using pink to represent femininity. Enough already.

7. Veterans having to fight for benefits

8. Real housewives of anywhere

9. Inescapable flash website intros

10. Calling anyone who has not actually laid their life down for another "heroic."


ClumberKim said...

Agree completely about ear cropping. I can give you a really good argument for tail docking of some breeds if you're interested.

sam {temptingmama} said...

I respectfully disagree with Real Housewives. They should be EVERYWHERE... but I'd like to see a spin on it. Get me those crazies they seem to find for Wife Swap. I want some of them. LOL

Mignon said...

#1 a hundred billion times over. It's as if they're inviting me to ram into them. And, since I've got my mini-soapbox, why must they hang so low? Are they not supposed to look virile? Because most of them look positively geriatric. I reserve the H word for very special occasions, and I Hate those things. (and all the other things on your list)

super des said...

In one of the places I used to work, we would just skip over anyone on their phone. When they got mad, we would say "oh I thought that phone call was more important than us getting your prescription right. Can't do both at the same time."

anne said...

Oh, I don't know about the truck nuts. I consider them an outward warning of the inward person driving said truck! Makes 'em a little easier to avoid. :)

Otherwise - yeah, right there with you!

Jessica said...

We really should be best friends!

Denise said...

Oh good lord, that photo! I'm with you on the truck nuts, I suspect that truck owners who have them must be compensating for something.

I would also add Neuticles, those testicle implants for neutered dogs, to the list ("allows your pet to retain his natural look, self esteem and aids in the trauma associated with neutering").

Maggie said...

I'd never seen this truck nut phenomenon until now. I was so innocently happy.

I love Super Des dealing with cellphone addicts at work! I get so tempted to just walk around them in the line and say the same thing. It's so self-important.

My husband and I had a semi-argument the other day about the ear and tail cropping. I am a bleeding heart so you know I was not for it. He kept saying something about the breed needing it. Bull. If it needed it, nature/evolution would have taken care of that.

Suzanne said...

Um, thank goodness you added that graphic photo of truck nuts. I'll not be able to clear it from my mind for a long time. although it is also making me laugh while I gauge my memory eyes out.

flurrious said...

You didn't make me do a Google image search for "truck nuts" and for that I thank you. However, you also introduced me to the concept of truck nuts and for that I have to put a little curse on you.

Maile said...

I cant even imagine my dog without his tail. It shows so much emotion. Tail wags are the best!

And don't even get me started on de-clawing... poor kitties

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

If I can't talk on the phone in the checkout line, does that mean that the cashier has to pay attention to me, too? Because I'm all over that. The people who work at the Safeway near me are overworked and multitasking, so they're handing each other keys or answering phones or so on, and it's hard for me to get a few words in, like, "I asked for $20 back...may I have a 10 and two 5s?" or "May I please have a book of stamps?". Once I am guaranteed that, I will promise to not answer the phone when I'm in line, even if it is my daughter calling from school, or my office. OK, maybe not PROMISE. But I'll be nice about it.

I do know what you're talking about though...those folks who stand in line yammering and not paying attention and making it a bit worse for everyone. Your post just gave me an excuse to gripe a bit about the problem I have in lines. ;)

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