20 March 2010

The explanation arrives.

Monday: Complete procrastination. Worthlessness. Feelings of despair.

Tuesday: More procrastination. Lack of initiative. Despair. Weeping.

Wednesday: Fun with CC & Bruce visiting labyrinths, tinged with worthlessness and despair.

Wednesday PM: Got my period. All is suddenly clear.


Deodand said...

The sad part is, we have reached the ages we are at without remembering to remember.

Every month I am miserable, and instead of reminding myself that this too shall pass, I fall back into that hole I've been falling in once a month since I was twelve.

Nance said...

Hate it. Just hate. it. And I'm FIFTY-ALMOST-ONE. When will it end? Honestly, I'm really ready to just go to the Dr. and say, "Okay. Just rip it all out. NOW."

*was that TMI...?* sigh.

anne said...

Right there with you. I have no idea why this phenomenon takes me by surprise nearly EVERY SINGLE TIME after all these years! Wishful forgetting, perhaps?

Thank you for sharing - this cracked me up. :)

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