21 May 2010

Friday Crankies

I am going to be cranky in this post. Feel free to skip.

Cranky Item #1
On Monday, my ex-coworker Matt sent me an email: "Want to meet for lunch?"

I figured, since I had already screwed around all morning, why buck the trend? I said yes. We made arrangements to meet, along with another friend, at "The Chinese restaurant across the freeway with the dirty fish tank." We know how to party, people.

I got there and they were waiting outside for me. I hugged my one friend, then went to hug Matt, who said "Oh, no, I'm sick."

I looked at him like he had just told me he had a full diaper. I mean, WHAT? I'm not a super cleanfreak Monk-style germaphobe, but COME ON people. MATT CONTACTED ME. When he was sick. To spend an hour in close contact.

Was this lunch really necessary? No, especially since Matt mostly sat there, sick and miserable, while my other friend and I chatted.

And now? Now I feel sick. Three days before I start a new job. I am SO looking forward to being in the midst of a full-blown cold while I start a new job, since I don't feel like I can be absent the first week.

Why are people idiots when they are sick? Germs exist, people. If you can stay home, stay home. Gah.

Cranky Item #2
I'm helping this woman out with a project. We met at her house last time. This time when we were talking about another meeting, she said 'I'll come to your house."

Excuse me? Did I invite you to my house?

My mom drilled it into my head that you don't invite yourself places. Is this not a thing?

Maybe she was trying to be polite by suggesting that I not drive all the way over to her place. But she knew I would be in her neighborhood - I had told her that before.

In any case, my house is not terribly visitor-friendly. There is a chair for me, and a sofa for Goldie - and the sofa is covered in dog fur.
Goldie is always so tense and nervous

There's no room for anything else - it's just 500 square feet. Good friends come over and suffer with the dog hair, but I don't expect random strangers to.

So, no, I will not be meeting you at my house. That's why Starbucks was invented.


Nance said...

Oh boy, do I ever hear you about Sick People. I am positively phobic about getting sick. I hate it. When swine flu hit our district--I'm a public high school teacher--and shut one of our schools down for EIGHT DAYS, I almost lost my mind. I could not wash my hands often enough. Let me tell you: There is nothing more horrid than teaching when an epidemic hits. You are constantly handling papers, kids hang over you at your desk, you have to be in packed hallways...ugh. And because the public school system is pretty much daycare and a holding pen, parents love to send kids to school, sick or not.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Congrats about your new job. :) I had horrible allergies the first day at my job. I had to leave to go to the doctor for a prescription. Horrid. Somehow they didn't figure out what a flake I can be, though for the life of me, I can't tell you why.

Mignon said...

Sorry, I think I'm Matt. I guess I think of sickness like an injury. Something that happens beyond your control and you just weather - not necessarily something that can be avoided. I know, that's dumb. But I promise I'm not a sociopath.

Come to think of it, I have one friend who is obvious in her phobia about my sneezing/coughing. So when I'm sick, we don't high-five a lot. Baby steps.

barbra said...

My kids are always asking me if they can go over to a friend's house, and I am always telling them you can't invite yourself over to someone else's house! "But I don't want to play here, mom, I want to play with HER stuff!" TOO BAD, KIDDOS! It's rude!

Jessica said...

I love that the blankets Goldie has are Vellux. I LOVE Vellux blankets, and I sleep under one and my husband refuses to touch it (and so does my BFF).

If I ever come to CA, I am inviting myself to your house, and I will gladly sit on the couch and Goldie can sit on my lap.

Isabella Golightly said...

Sick people should stay at home, period but if they have to go out, I think they should have a bell - you know, "leper, leper".

SUEB0B said...

Jessica - my ex used to think Vellux was like the skin of Satan, too. HATED it. But I think it is lightweight and cozy. It is almost impossible to find anymore.

Ericka said...

on the other hand, my zealot coworker takes his temperature every morning and calls in sick for a fever. and never for just one day. he gets about 3 weeks a year more time off than i do. so, gotta find a happy medium.

weird how people try to get into your house, isn't it? coworkers try to invite themselves over to my house a lot and it must be curiousity 'cause they don't like me any more than i like them. weird. bravo for using the starbucks to fend her off!

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