22 May 2010

Small Pleasures

We don't have many colorful birds here. They tend to be LBBs (little brown birds) or crows, or seagulls. When the rare oriole shows up in a flash of sunflower yellow, it is always a thrill.

I had a discussion with my folks the other day about orioles. They see "their" orioles just a few times a year. I had seen "mine" twice this spring. My dad told me what their nests look like - little baskets strung between branches.

I had been hearing high-pitched squeaking outside, like a dog chewing on a play toy, but I couldn't see where the sound was coming from.

Yesterday I saw this out in the fold of a banana leaf:
I found an oriole nest in the banana tree

I got the chair out and stood up to find two fierce little baby orioles glaring up at me!
Two tiny orioles, swinging in the banana leaves


Schmutzie said...

What a find!

Elvie said...

That would have made my day. Such a wonder to see little ones.
We have the lbb's here too. They are nesting in the awning over the carport.

roo said...

Ohhhhhh. How sweet!

Jason, as himself said...

Very cool.

Craig said...

Hey, this is totally cool, thanks for photos! /Craig

Jessica said...

Awesome! How cute!

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