24 June 2010

Am I Taking This World Cup Thing Too Seriously?

This made me cry like a baby:

What can I say? I'm menopausal, a Cancerian, and have a patriotic streak a mile wide. The combination of a World Cup win, people cheering and chanting USA just sent me over the edge. The kid in the basement KILLED me. So cute.

I continue to post the day's matches - complete with little flag logos if I have time to draw them, though my lack of a yellow marker is hindering me a bit for Spain - and real-time score updates on my whiteboard. People stop by and either speculate on games or tell me how they can't stand soccer.

Since I can't watch the games (work!), I keep the www.fifa.com "Matchcast" on in the background to keep up with the minute-by-minute progress.

The other day when the USA won, I couldn't yell or anything because I was in the cube farm with people on conference calls all around me. My co-worker, Tai, came rushing in late with his hair all askew.

"Did you see it?" I asked.

"I heard it while I was on the freeway and I almost drove off the road," he said.

I ran out to the security desk, where we have two Nigerian guards who are futbol-obsessed. They know I'm following, too.

We all jumped around and pumped our arms in the air and stage-whispered "USA! USA! USA!" just happy to share the moment with someone.


Danielle said...

I'm a hardhearted Capricorn who is not so much with the warm and fuzzy. Cried anyway. Thanks for posting that!

mayberry said...

That was awesome.

another patriotic Cancerian

Suzanne said...

Husband has been very into the World Cup. There is something very infectious about the spirit of the games.

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