05 July 2010

This Little Dog of Mine

She is almost 15 years old, my dog. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have ambitions. She's a hunter, not a fighter.

There is something in the lavender bush and it must be stopped.

She spent about an hour out there today with her head in the bush. I left for 3 hours to go to a meeting, and when I came back? She ran right outside and has been there ever since.

The bush is next to the house. When she gets excited, her tail wags, and I can hear her thumping against the house.

She's slowing down a little, I can tell. She is deaf and has a tremor in a back leg when she sleeps. She groans when she lays down and one of her back legs is a little stiff and weak.

But the lure of the bush draws her ever onward. She gets pollen in her nose and sneezes big, but still, she fights on.


lagata said...

How funny. I have a Boston Terrier, her "catnip" is Rosemary. She goes nuts when she smells it and will just stick her head inside a shrub and sniff, sniff, sniff for long periods of time. At least she smells nice when she is done :o)

JCK said...

I love it! Keeps her going. :)

Glennis said...

I bet she smells good when she comes back inside!

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