07 July 2010


I became Facebook friends with one of my old journalism professors, Scott Brown.

I was glad to find him, because I could tell him how influential he has been in my life.

He gave me one of the best pieces of advice about writing AND about life that has helped me every day since:

"Be like a shark. Keep moving forward."

He was talking about news writing, of course. He meant that, once you have gone over something, you should move on. No need to rewind the tape and go back over the same territory.

But it has served me in life, too. Mark Twain put it another way, but I like what he said, too: "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today."


Glennis said...

Great advice. If only it were so easy to abide by it!! I hope you're moving along nicely!

Barnmaven said...

Excellent and wise. I need to keep this in mind.

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