30 October 2010

She was kind to dogs

One night at dinner, some friends and I stumbled onto the topic of Hitler. It was posited that Hitler had no redeeming qualities.

One person said "Well, he was kind to dogs."

That person became famous and derided as a Hitler apologist, all in jest of course. The capstone of the ridicule was when the exMrStapler created a birthday present - a book with a fake dustjacket that featured a large photo of the Fuhrer and the title "Hitler: Kind to Dogs."

Yesterday when I was working at home with the front door open, the neighbor's little dog Katie wandered in. This had happened once before. I have no idea how she gets through the fence, but she must get lonely, because she only comes in when her Mom is off at work.

The first time she came over, she immediately hid behind Goldie's bed and stayed there:
The neighbor's dog just wandered into my house and hid behind Goldie's bed.

This time, she felt a little more at home. She sniffed around a bit, walked into my bedroom, jumped up on the bed, got under the covers and fell asleep.

I left her there for a few hours before I had to leave, then carried her out and put her back under the fence.

It struck me that I must be some kinda sucka. Who lets a strange dog sleep under their covers?

Me. I do. Despite all my other flaws and shortcomings, at least I'm nice to animals.

Let it be known that I want my epitaph to read: She was kind to dogs.


Jason, as himself said...

So you and Hitler have some things in common, then. Okay, one thing. I'm sure there's only one.

What a sweet doggie!

Sarah said...

I prefer the company of most dogs to the company of most people.

Strange huh that someone who was so utterly inhumane, was kind to dogs (and other animals, after all, he was a vegetarian).

I think you're marvellous - it was probably the best nap your poor lonely neighbour dog has ever had, illicitly tucked up in your bed. How delightful!

Glennis said...

I would let her come in too.

Kizz said...

Yeah, I'm with Aunt Snow, I mean, if she needed company to sleep right then I'd give it to her. You're very kind to animals. I like that.

flurrious said...

That is nice of you, but it still doesn't make up for the time you beat that physical therapist with one of your detached legs.

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