01 November 2010

Things I Can Say Because I Have PMS

Random Idjit: "The happiest people I know don't have blogs because they are too busy having real lives."
Suebob: "The reason people don't have blogs is because they don't have anything interesting to say."

Random Idjit: "You're exploiting your kids/your family/your friends/yourself to make money from your blog."
Suebob: "If you knew how to make money making anything more creative than Slurpees, maybe you wouldn't be so jealous."

Random Idjit: "I think people that need to put their lives on view all the time have something wrong with them."
Suebob: "Your pathological need to hide from the world is baffling to me."

Random Idjit: "What makes you think everyone wants to know your opinion all the time?"
Suebob: "The way they find out my opinion is by seeking it out. As far as I know, no one has ever been forced to come to my blog or twitterfeed at gunpoint."

Random Idjit: "I just don't understand what you're trying to accomplish."
Suebob: "YOU WOULDN'T."


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

i heart u. must save these responses for future

Dave2 said...

I was forced to come here... AND I CAN'T STOP!!

Isabella Golightly said...

I'm having therapy about having to come here. It's not helping (thank Ghod).

Sarah said...

And I reiterate... I prefer the company of most dogs to the company of most people. Dogs think bloggers are frickin awesome and would never say any of these lame insults.

Kalyn said...


San Diego Momma said...

If those random idjits KNEW how to set up a blog, you know they'd be all over it, spewing their random idjititness.

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