10 April 2006

No huns

Ok, all is well, crisis averted. I still hate the government, but as my sister would say, whaddya gonna do?

I made myself feel better by realizing that everything has pretty much always sucked as long as humans have been around to notice and that, though everything seems tremendously sucky, it could be worse.

Huns have not invaded this week. Potato famine is not currently happening. Taxes are still due, but I think a little financial juggling could take care of that.

My windshield is still cracked (thank you, you stinking dump truck on the freeway) but my hair is now cute, thanks to a really nice girl at Fantastic Sams (quel surprise! A better $14 haircut than the $60 place I got suckered into last time!) And my landlord will be over tomorrow to plug the leak in the bathroom ceiling. Getting better all the time.

I SO wish I could blog from work. My best ideas pop into my head while I am there. And my best ideas are never about work, LOL.

Thank god I can't, or else my Very Important Projects would go undone, but I can't help but think no one would ever notice. Ah, cubicle life. So rewarding.


gandhi rules said...

This is a good way of looking at it. I do this too. I review history and I realize my era has no special hold on atrocities and tragedy.
Another thing I do to entertain myself is picturing humans stupidly wiping themselves out in, say 1000 years and that all the life left can be free of our incredible selfishness. This brings me such a peaceful feeling of justice.

spotted elephant said...

And if you consider everything from the earth's perspective, none of it matters. If we mess up too badly, she'll take care of everything, heh heh heh. I'm with gandhi rules, except I'd say wipe us out in around 100 years. Gives the remaining species more of a fighting chance.

Oops, that was supposed to be positive. I do negative better.

J.R. Kinnard said...

I think I'll become a hemp farmer. You can do anything with hemp!

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