27 June 2006

Vamo Vamoo a ganar

There is no way that this picture does justice to the loveliness of these Jacaranda trees. They are like soft purple lace.


Laundry never goes away on its own. It must be folded and put away. Believe me, I have tried watching it and it never budges.

The lazier the co-worker, the more they complain.

A pastry at Starbucks is $3.00. At the Mexican bakery, 50 cents.

To the Argentinian visitor to my blog, I have one thing to say: Vamo, vamo a ganar.

Good customers sometimes move away, but bad customers never do.

Never brush your teeth before drinking orange juice.

When all you drink is bad wine, it is not so bad. But when you taste good wine, then try to go back to bad wine, it is horrible.

If you aren't good at acting like your feet don't hurt, you should not wear high heels.

Your cell phone battery almost never dies during a call from a salesperson or your mother-in-law.

A fabulous wedding is no guarantee of a fabulous marriage. It could almost be a negative correlation.

Diets don't work. But neither does sitting on your ass and eating chips.

Please check out Linkateria. Today - barhopping, funny "feminine product" wrappers, Ken Jennings, and more.


super des said...

Issue - I complain at work all the time BECAUSE the others are so lazy.

Holly Capote said...

I suspect that a fabulous wedding could interfere with a fabulous marriage 'cause...............all the time that is spent sorting throught colors isn't spent sorting through the things that constitute successful marriage, such as:

What do we do when we don't have money, but we do have credit cards?

What do we do when little Bobbi Sue (Sorry, Suebob. Love you and all, but I still like to poke.) throws a hissy at McDonalds?

What do we do when adultery comes knocking?

And so on. But hey, let's all be distracted by the pretty, pretty colors of one day, rather than consider the demands of the coming days.

annelynn said...

Those trees are gorgeous. I took a closer look at them and wallah! They prove to be in the same family as the lovely Northern Catalpa of my geographic region. So decadent and lavish, these trees! Thanks for the picture.

Laura said...

You are so right... the lazier the coworker..the more they complain. Wow. very profound. Yikes. Truly have to remember that one for myself.

Elizabeth said...

what is "vamo, vamo a ganar"? I know ganar is "to gain" in Spanish.

These are excellent Bobservations! Especially the orange juice one. Except now I want to call you Bobbi Sue instead of SueBob.

SUEB0B said...

Des - I am sure you are not at all lazy. Me, neither (snort).

Holly - in the case of weddings I have attended, there is a direct negative correlation between cost and length of marriage.

Annelynn - I think the botanic name is Jacaranda acutifolia.

Laura - thanks. It is not every day that I am called "profound."

Elizabeth - in Argentina, the soccer song goes, Vamos, vamos, Argentina, Vamos, vamos a ganar. But it is pronounced vamo or vamoo. It means, Let's go, let's go Argentina, Let's go, let's go win. And I hope they do!

super des said...

well I AM lazy, but not at work :)

at least, not compared to everyone else there.

gandhi rules said...

'If you aren't good at acting like your feet don't hurt, you should not wear high heels.' Amen sister.
I see the fly is back and being bothersome..shoo

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