16 July 2006

12:30 a.m. - Feel all right

Last night, I got loaded
on a bottle of gin...
on a bottle of gin...

Not really, but I did dance my butt off with the rest of Santa Paula, watching Los Lobos play at the Citrus Festival - which is why I have that song stuck in my head.

Perfect night. Not too hot, not too cool, thousands of moms and dads and kids and grandmas and uncles out dancing on the lawn.

The first time I saw them play was in a park in Ventura on Sept. 15, 1985 (which I now know thanks to an obsessive person with a website. We danced on the grass back then, too.

It's Sunday. Time for prayer. Thank God for Los Lobos.

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gandhi rules said...

I so wish I was there with you in my bare feet dancing with you.

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